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In this overhaul mod for 7 Days to Die, the primary emphasis is on boosting quality of life features, immersion, and content expansion in a meaningful manner. It adds a layer of complexity to the game by including a large number of new objects, blocks, recipes, prefab adjustments, and more.

It is being created by a single individual - Subquake - with a little assistance from other members of the community in the minor details. More information about this may be found under the Credits heading.

The creation of mods began during Alpha 14 of 7 Days to Die, and the first stable version was released on November 4th of that year. Fallout 4, Fallen Earth, Sheltered, Project Zomboid, XCOM, Conan Exiles, and other games serve as primary sources of inspiration for this project.

Undead Legacy New Updates


  • Inspire by post-apocalyptic fallout games, we've created an entirely new user interface that's more user-friendly and generally better looking.

  • The crafting grid, which replaces the usual crafting list, is more user-friendly and convenient (see screenshots below)

  • More than 700 new goods/blocks, consumables, weapons, components, and other things have been included, all with artistically upgraded icons that have been created with great attention to detail to provide a worn, filthy, and bloodied appearance. Some vanilla goods have been updated with new icons.

  • There are 47 collectible rare perk magazines, each of which has a different benefit.

  • The addition of the Blacksmith perk/skill, which has 12 levels and unlocks the majority of metal-related recipes.

  • 10mm rounds for your SMG are once again available.

  • Planks have returned, and many wooden blocks now need planks for their construction and upgrading.

  • Twigs are added as new characters in the game (similar functionality to "stick" item, that was removed with A13)

  • Calipers are back in fashion - at least for certain recipes that call for pinpoint accuracy.

  • To begin with, each metal resource has its own set of ingots.

  • Hollow point and incendiary bullets are available for every single cartridge type, as well as for extra round types.

  • Pistols, SMGs, and Sniper Rifles all have Epic variations of them, which have somewhat superior quality than the standard versions.

  • Advanced player-crafted containers with increased durability and the ability to be locked have been included.

  • Existing workstations and their user interfaces have been expanded and upgraded.

  • The Forge has the ability to smelt three things at the same time, as well as copper, silver, and gold.

  • Five new workstations have been added: the Smithing Table, the Ammunition Table, the Carpenters Bench, the Engineering Table, and the Dye and Paint Table (more to come later)

  • Ovens and wall ovens made by the player are now functional.

  • Minibike slot count has been rebalanced, and it now has much more storage!

  • Looting lists, probabilities, and quantities obtained have all been rebalanced.

  • Scrap values for several goods and blocks have been rebalanced. These values have been updated to incorporate new items.

  • Examining certain electricity-related products will reveal that they can be scraped into several components.

  • Crafting recipes have been rebalanced, and new goods have been blended into the game alongside old ones.

  • Stacks have been rebalanced for the vast majority of goods and blocks; stacks are 10, 100, 500, 1000, 10000, and 25000. Items' stack values have been updated and may be seen here: https://pastebin.com/4sqUnRu6

  • The number of container slots has been rebalanced for ALL containers.

  • Traders are also a good place to get most of the new things.

  • A crafting grid has taken the role of a crafting list (see screenshots below)

  • Ovens and wall ovens that are functional were created by the player.

  • The Blacksmith perk has 12 levels and unlocks the majority of metal-related recipes.

  • The looting list has been rebalanced from the top to the bottom.

  • Examining most electrical goods will reveal that they may be scraped into several components.

  • The longer you play and the higher your level, the less likely it is that you will discover fresh food, since no one is monitoring the food kept in those refrigerators without power to ensure that it remains fresh for as long as possible. Once food is acquired, it does not die or decompose in any way.

  • Recipes for crafting that are more difficult and enhanced.

  • All of the container slots have been rebalanced.

  • Support for both single-player and dedicated servers is provided by the game.

  • Support for EAC - the mod does not alter the game's basic assets in any way.

  • With an increased backpack capacity of 80 slots, it is now accessible!

  • Minibike storage has been increased from the original 15 spaces to up to 80 slots!

Undead Legacy Mod – A More Immersive 7 Days to Die Overhaul Mod

Undead Legacy on dedicated servers

Our plan XL include Undead Legacy mod hosting. See: plans.

At this price you are getting an automated Undead Legacy modded server.

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7 Days To Die Undead Legacy ModPack

19.6 is used as a base installation, then we will automatically install Undead Legacy for you. Please visit Mods homepage to read Terms & Conditions before you install it: https://ul.subquake.com/download

To use this modpack you may need to mod your local installation too. Please check details at: https://ul.subquake.com/download.

Please make sure you installed the right version locally (2.4.28).

Note, you need XL plan to run Undead Legacy Mod.

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