Undead Legacy Mod – A More Immersive 7 Days to Die Overhaul Mod

Undead Legacy Overhaul Mod
Undead Legacy Mod byt Subquake

7 Days to Die is an intense zombie survival experience on its own, but once you install a few overhaul mods, a whole new world opens up to you. Apart from giving you a more user-friendly experience, they also challenge you in various ways. The Undead Legacy mod follows this tradition perfectly. Its cleaner interface and unique mechanics aim to provide you with a more immersive experience in the world of 7D2D.

Wondering what it’s all about? Here’s everything you need to know about the Undead Legacy mod.

What is Undead Legacy Mod for 7 Days to Die?

What Undead Legacy  adds to the game

Developed and maintained by a single person called Subquake, Undead Legacy is a fresh take on the familiar 7D2D experience. While not as substantive as other overhaul mods such as War3zuk, its primary goal is to add quality-of-life improvements to the game and make it more engaging.

According to Subquake’s official website, their primary sources of inspiration were some heavy-hitting titles like Fallout 4, Sheltered, Conan Exiles, and Project Zomboid, among others. In some ways, the mod streamlines and simplifies a few elements while at the same time adding more complexity and depth.

What Does Undead Legacy Mod add to the Game?

Undead Legacy Tips and Tricks

Upon installing Undead Legacy, you’ll notice the interface is radically different. Menus are cleaner-looking and more minimalistic, while Subquake has expanded on existing elements. You’ll also find some dynamic aspects in the new interface, including a tool belt that hides automatically. HUDs for various weapons have been improved, and there are even unique elements for vehicles, including speedometers.

Undead Legacy also introduces an Encumbrance system to 7D2D. This new mechanic gives everything a weight value, making inventory choices more meaningful. As a bonus, you can sort items by weight through the new inventory sorting system, so you can more easily decide what to toss out.

What’s also worth mentioning is Undead Legacy’s approach to crafting and schematics. Instead of gaining new blueprints through progression, you have to discover or buy them from somewhere in the world. On top of that, you can use the mod’s research system to unlock upgrades.

All of this, plus a host of new vehicles, items, recipes, tools, and interactions, including a lockpicking system, make up the bulk of how Undead Legacy transforms 7 Days to Die’s base experience.

Undead Legacy Mod Tips & Tricks

  • Read all of the journal entries with UL in the beginning. They’ll give you the full scope of the changes made to vanilla 7D2D.
  • You can pick up almost anything, place it in your storage, and put it anywhere you want. Selling various items, furniture, and other less helpful stuff through the trading system can lead to a nice chunk of savings.
  • Find a car or motorcycle repair kit as quickly as possible. Because of the weight system, having a vehicle will help you get around more efficiently.
  • Metal containers have the most slots in the mod, so get to making them as soon as you can.

Undead Legacy Mod Updates

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