In just about 3 minutes you start playing. No kidding.

S 7 Days To Die S Plan

$5.99 / mo

  • Slots : 8
  • Support Tier : 4
  • CPU Priority : 4
  • Max. World Size* : 6K
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M 7 Days To Die M Plan

$9.99 / mo

  • Slots : 16
  • Support Tier : 3
  • CPU Priority : 3
  • Max. World Size* : 10K
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L 7 Days To Die L Plan

$17.99 / mo

  • Slots : 32
  • Support Tier : 2
  • CPU Priority : 2
  • Max. World Size* : ∞
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XL 7 Days To Die XL Plan

$29.99 / mo

  • Slots : 64
  • Support Tier : 1
  • CPU Priority : 1
  • Max. World Size* : ∞
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* the limit applies only to RWG maps

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If you are building a large community server with Botman, CSMM, ServerTools and similar solutions please Contact us.

Dedicated Server Hosting Rental

No BS 7DTD server hosting. Custom-built for 7DTD.
Extremely Affordable Server Hosting That Rocks
1-Click instant setup. No coding and no file editing required.
FTP, Telnet and 7D2D RAT support. Low ping. Instant setup.
Great support. We are new and we really care!
No contract - no minimum terms.
7-days money back guarantee.
Perfect option for Noobs to start a dedicated server!

Host with us. Play with friends on your own server.

Instant Setup

Your 7D2D server will be automatically installed, set up, started and ready for you to play in less than 3 minutes after you have completed your payment. Instant hosting applies also to popular ModPacks. We offer 1-click setup for Darkness Falls, War3zuk.

DDoS Protection

7D2D.NET servers are protected against DDoS attacks by our hosting provider. Enjoy the game and don't worry about DDoS attacks anymore!

Refund Policy

If you don't like the hosting service that's ok. We will refund you. Please leave some message and tell us what you didn't like. We want to improve!

Great Value

Mods, Control Panel, Telnet, DDoS Protection. We have a small 8-slot hosting plan and we charge < 50 cents per slot. Hell yeah!


Run commands via telnet protocol or in Control Panel. You can choose to use RAT too.

Strong Hardware Specs

We host on Intel Xeons with 192 GB RAM dedicated servers with Linux. All to make your experience smooth and flawless.

File Management

Use File Manager in our Control Panel to manage files on the server.

Full Game Configuration

In our custom-built panel for 7D2D we expose most of the configuration parameters available in game files. Manage your settings in panel and have them instantly applied.

Fast and Stable Network

Our network is fast and stable. We rely on premium hosting providers. Your games will never lag.

Excellent Support

We are new and we care for everyone of you. Regardless of the plan. We are one bunch with you, so anytime there is an issue reach out to us on Discord and we will help you out.

What's included

  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Great Support
  • Top-tier DDoS Protection
  • Server Console
  • Low Latency
  • Backups
  • Custom Admin Panel
  • Server Modding
  • Telnet & 7D2D RAT
  • World Load/Save
  • Instant Setup
  • And much more...
7 Days To Die Hosting
7 Days To Die Servers
7 Days To Die Dedicated
7 Days To Die Rental

7 Days To Die Dedicated Darkness Falls ModPack
7 Days To Die Hosting Darkness Falls ModPack
7 Days To Die Servers Rental Darkness Falls ModPack

7 Days To Die Dedicated War3zuk ModPack
7 Days To Die Hosting War3zuk ModPack
7 Days To Die Servers Rental War3zuk ModPack

After your order is placed, you are signed up. Once your payment is completed, hosting automation starts deploying your 7 Days To Die server and keeps it available online 24x7, even when your home PC is off! Our custom-built 7DTD control panel allows you to manage and configure your 7DTD server, upload and download files using File Manager, install mods, send commands and add additional admins. Once a change is made to game config it's instantly applied to your server. You can see at any time what is going on there.
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We maintain a Free Public 7DTD Server List . You can add your server there for free and promote it. The list contains best 7D2D public PVE/PVP servers worldwide. Many countries, versions and maps. Servers are being monitored and ranked based on availability and popularity.
Currently we host 7DTD dedicated servers in North America (Canada/Montreal, US/Portland), Europe (Germany/Frankfurt and France/Paris) and Australia (Sydney). If you need our hosting at your spot, please let us know.

Have any questions or request of additional features? Email us at .