SuperCraft 7D2D Hosting Provider

7DTD Dedicated Servers Hosting by SuperCraft

Life's too short to set up game servers yourself.

Our mission is to provide Game Servers as a Service with great value at affordable prices.

We are a game server host for gamers. We are focused mainly on "7 Days To Die" and "Minecraft" hosting and rental. We provide custom panels, so that the user experience is simple and intuitive.
Games should be just fun and not wrestling with servers. Leave that for our automation. We are obsessed with self-service and want this to go beyond any limits.
We host on dedicated servers with Linux and strong hardware specs. Our locations are Canada, Germany, Australia and France.
We don't have very many customers yet, so if you come, you will be served as a king! :) We are always for you to help.

Who is our service for?

We aim at simplification of multiplayer game server experience. This comes with some tradeoffs though. We don't expose all the internals for you to change, but instead we offer a selection of curated options like versioned mod packs or maps which we tested and know will work. Our offer is rather targeted for less to mid experienced gamers. If you want to play instantly and you value ease of use, simplicity and stability, we believe you are going to be satisfied. By contrast, if you need to manipulate the game server top to bottom, change literally every bit of it, you probably should consider some other options like bare dedicated server or VPS.

Games should be just fun and not wrestling with servers.

Each component like game server, mod and mod-pack is versioned. Not all work with each other. Certain combinations make the server crash. World generation takes time and may fail too. New versions need upgrading. Why should you deal with all that? We have an option for you. Just relax and use our solution and just instantly play your favorite game.

You're going to love dedicated servers hosting at SuperCraft

7D2D by SuperCraft is run by a team of hackers, gamers and first of all friends who got together to provide a great 7DTD game server service for gamers at affordable prices. We believe dedicated server hosting experience should be better and we have just taken up the challenge!

Join us now. Kill the Zombies. How long will you survive?!

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