FAQ - 7D2D Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

7DTD Dedicated Servers Hosting Rental

About us

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Servers and locations

  1. What regions are you present in?

  2. Currently:

    • Canada/US-East
    • US-West
    • Europe/Germany
    • Europe/Paris
    • Australia

    ...but we are expanding. Need a location? Contact us.

  3. What hardware/OS do you use?

  4. Dedicated servers (Bare Metal): Intel Xeon-E 2136 3.3/4.5 GHz, 128/192 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, Linux

Control/Admin Panel

  1. Do you offer a standard (e.g. TCAdmin) or a custom control panel?

  2. We offer our custom panel. We believe it's easy to use, simple yet effective. We are working hard to make it better. Expect it to grow pretty rapidly.

  3. What can I do with your control panel?

  4. Quite a lot:

    • Manage game settings
    • Start, stop, restart, recreate server
    • View status, settings, details
    • Manage players
    • Manage mods
    • Manage files
    • Send commands in console/watch console log output

    See more details here.

  5. Do you support FTP?

  6. Yes. In plans L and XL you can use FTP


  1. Do you offer automatic payments?

  2. Yes! SuperCraft's 7D2D hosting is a subscription-based service for the convenience of our users. Subscriptions may be cancelled whenever you'd like.

  3. What happens when I cancel my server?

  4. Your subscription in Stripe is cancelled. There is not going to be any subsequent charges. Your server can still be used until the paid time ends. Your data then is scheduled for later deletion.

  5. What is your refund policy?

  6. You refund within 7 days under the following conditions:

    • there was no policy violation
    • service was not purchased with promo codes
    • there may be up to 30% restocking fee

    More on it in Terms.

  7. Can I upgrade my server?

  8. Plan can be upgraded anytime. The old plan is cancelled, the new plan is subscribed and data is moved.

  9. If I stop my server, is the "clock" ticking?

  10. Yes of course. It is a monthly plan (as in calendar). It resembles "reserved" mode vs "on demand".

  11. Can I purchase my plan at a yearly rate?

  12. Yes. You can then expect discounts up to 30%.

Promo codes

  1. How can I get one?

  2. Contact us.


  1. Do you offer trials?

  2. No. Since there is refund policy and our entry plan is very cheap we think it's fair enough.

Demo/Public servers to try

Yes! See the details: here


Details are here.

Affiliate Program

Details are here.

Questions related to the service

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