Use Control Panel and become the server admin

Custom admin panel made by us to work best with 7D2D.

No bloat, just all tools to fully control the game server settings is now at your disposal. We are obsessed with self-service and the admin panel shows it. It offers beginners an intuitive user interface for 7 Days To Die. Server is set up with just a few clicks. Use our hosting Control Panel to operate your 7DTD server like a boss. We constantly add things to let you do more, but we always opimize for stability and ease of use. Our game hosting control panel was created from the ground up to save gamers time and headaches by giving them full control over their 7 Days To Die servers.

Control Panel Features

  • Built exclusively for 7 Days To Die
  • Server settings managed in UI
  • Easily import your worlds
  • Simple to use but powerful
  • File manager. Fast and supports zip files.
  • Constant improvements
Configure gameplay in admin panel Manage all game settings in UI console Change and apply instantly

Use Control Panel to configure most of the 7 Days To Die server settings there are (in server-settings.xml config file) via intuitive web console. Each settings parameter is available as a form field and made sure values are selected from the allowed range so that you minimize the risk for your server to crash. More.

View 7DTD server details like connection parameters and basic status

Always know your server status and keep an eye on basic details including IP address, port and number of players connected. Share connection details with your friends so they can connect to your server. Have them play your favorite game with you.

Manage by queueing actions Send commands in console

Manage files and players

Manage your server with full control. Connect your Steam account. Now you can easily add your friends. Schedule server related operations like start, restart, stop, reinstall, recreate. Send console commands to server and see the console output. Errors will be marked so you can easier spot problems if they occur. You can also use Telnet. Full Access. User Admin Panel to manage game files, upload and download your world maps. Add Mods/Modlets and ModPacks. Add/remove admins (incl. permission level 0). Manage user permissions. Also, create, upgrade and delete your server.

Manage server mods View mod related console logs

Upload, delete and browse your mods on File Management tab in the Control Panel. Using a web browser, you can quickly view and edit files, as well as build, import, and delete them. The 7D2D file manager does not act as a web-based FTP client. Web-based FTP clients are notoriously unreliable and buggy. This file manager was created from scratch. It is capable of extracting zip files. Mods related logs are shown in the general console log in the management tab. You can also pick and enable a Mod Pack like Darkness Falls if you want.

With SuperCraft's 7D2D Control Panel you are the admin.

Make the game experience exactly what you want it to be!

We have processed 699732 server changes in our Control Panel.

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