Server settings supported

Property Hint
ServerName Whatever you want the name of the server to be.
ServerDescription Whatever you want the server description to be, will be shown in the server browser.
ServerPassword Password to gain entry to the server
ServerLoginConfirmationText If set the user will see the message during joining the server and has to confirm it before continuing
ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols Networking protocols that should not be used. SteamNetworking is ther right choice for the most cases (fastest, direct connection via UDP)
EACEnabled Enables/Disables EasyAntiCheat
PersistentPlayerProfiles If disabled a player can join with any selected profile. If true they will join with the last profile they joined with
WorldGenSize For bigger worlds it can take even a few hours to complete generation - choose this value carefully!
BlockDamagePlayer How much damage do players to blocks (percentage in whole numbers). Range [0-100].
BlockDamageAI How much damage do AIs to blocks (percentage in whole numbers). Range [0-100].
BlockDamageAIBM How much damage do AIs during blood moons to blocks (percentage in whole numbers). Range [0-100].
XPMultiplier XP gain multiplier (percentage in whole numbers). Range [0-100].
PlayerSafeZoneLevel If a player is less or equal this level he will create a safe zone (no enemies) when spawned
PlayerSafeZoneHours Hours in world time this safe zone exists
BuildCreate cheat mode on/off
DayNightLength real time minutes per in game day
DayLightLength in game hours the sun shines per day - 18 hours day light per in game day
BedrollDeadZoneSize Size (box "radius", so a box with 2 times the given value for each side's length) of bedroll deadzone, no zombies will spawn inside this area, and any cleared sleeper volumes that touch a bedroll deadzone will not spawn after they've been cleared.
BedrollExpiryTime Number of days a bedroll stays active after owner was last online
MaxSpawnedZombies This setting covers the entire map. There can only be this many zombies on the entire map at one time. Changing this setting has a huge impact on performance.
MaxSpawnedAnimals If your server has a large number of players you can increase this limit to add more wildlife. Animals don't consume as much CPU as zombies. NOTE - That this doesn't cause more animals to spawn arbitrarily - The biome spawning system only spawns a certain number of animals in a given area, but if you have lots of players that are all spread out then you may be hitting the limit and can increase it.
ServerMaxAllowedViewDistance Max viewdistance a client may request (6 - 12). High impact on memory usage and performance
EnemySpawnMode Enable/Disable enemy spawning
EnemyDifficulty 0 = Normal, 1 = Feral
ZombieMove 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare)
ZombieMoveNight 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare)
ZombieFeralMove 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare)
ZombieFeralSense 0-3 (Off, Day, Night, All)
ZombieBMMove 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare)
BloodMoonFrequency What frequency (in days) should a blood moon take place. Set to "0" for no blood moons
BloodMoonRange How many days can the actual blood moon day randomly deviate from the above setting. Setting this to 0 makes blood moons happen exactly each Nth day as specified in BloodMoonFrequency
BloodMoonWarning The Hour number that the red day number begins on a blood moon day. Setting this to -1 makes the red never show.
BloodMoonEnemyCount This is the number of zombies that can be alive (spawned at the same time) at any time PER PLAYER during a blood moon horde, however, MaxSpawnedZombies overrides this number in multiplayer games. Also note that your game stage sets the max number of zombies PER PARTY. Low game stage values can result in lower number of zombies than the BloodMoonEnemyCount setting. Changing this setting has a huge impact on performance.
LootAbundance percentage in whole numbers. Range [0-100].
LootRespawnDays days in whole numbers
AirDropFrequency How often airdrop occur in game-hours, 0 == never
AirDropMarker Sets if a marker is added to map/compass for air drops.
PartySharedKillRange The distance you must be within to receive party shared kill xp and quest party kill objective credit.
PlayerKillingMode Player Killing Settings (0 = No Killing, 1 = Kill Allies Only, 2 = Kill Strangers Only, 3 = Kill Everyone)
LandClaimCount Maximum allowed land claims per player.
LandClaimSize Size in blocks that is protected by a keystone
LandClaimDeadZone Keystones must be this many blocks apart (unless you are friends with the other player)
LandClaimExpiryTime The number of days a player can be offline before their claims expire and are no longer protected
LandClaimDecayMode Controls how offline players land claims decay. 0=Slow (Linear) , 1=Fast (Exponential), 2=None (Full protection until claim is expired).
LandClaimOnlineDurabilityModifier How much protected claim area block hardness is increased when a player is online. 0 means infinite (no damage will ever be taken). Default is 4x
LandClaimOfflineDurabilityModifier How much protected claim area block hardness is increased when a player is offline. 0 means infinite (no damage will ever be taken). Default is 4x
LandClaimOfflineDelay The number of minutes after a player logs out that the land claim area hardness transitions from online to offline. Default is 0
Region If no region is entered on the server end, you will not be able to find the server.
Language Use any language name that your players would expect to search for. Should be the English name of the language, e.g. not "Deutsch" but "German". This is a filter name only and DOES NOT SET the language for players.
MaxChunkAge This new option causes chunks in the game world to be reset to their original states if they are left unvisited for a specified in-game duration
DeathPenalty Penalty after dying. 0 = Nothing. 1 = Default: Classic XP Penalty. 2 = Injured: You keep most of your debuffs. Food and Water is set to 50% on respawn. 3 = Permanent Death: Your character is completely reset. You will respawn with a fresh start within the saved game.