By using this service you agree to be bound by these Terms. We reserve the right to modify or replace these Terms at any time.


We use Stripe for secure payment processing. Each of your servers will be billed automatically every month to the Stripe account associated with your SuperCraft account. All monthly charges will be visible in your customer Control Panel.


Server can be cancelled at any time. Once has been cancelled, the associated Stripe subscription is also cancelled. There shall be no further charges. The server itself is not deleted, is running and available till the end of the paid period. You may or may not decide to use it. Later on when the paid period has passed, it is subject to disabling and deletion. If your cancel is refunded, the server is immediately deleted. Account deletion triggers server(s) cancellation.

7-Day Refund Policy

New customers are entitled to refund during their first 7 days. Refunds do not apply to recurring payments. Customer is entitled only to one refund. Subsequent refunds for new subscriptions will likely be rejected (it includes upgrades). Apart from the rules above SuperCraft may decide to refund in many other cases like mistakes, upgrades or if customer has multiple subscriptions. Refund is processed by Stripe and takes usually 1-5 working days. Refunded (and cancelled service) is immediately terminated. Refunds are not guaranteed for accounts violating these Terms.

Upgrades and downgrades

  • Plan can be upgraded anytime. The old plan is cancelled, the new plan is subscribed and data is moved. Note: You can request a refund once (within first 7 days). If you have already refunded and you try plans by upgrading, that is not subject to refund.
  • Plan can be downgraded anytime. The old plan is cancelled, the new plan is subscribed and data is moved. However it's "best effort" as gama data from a higher plan may not work with a lower plan.

  • No Warranties

    This service is provided “as is” without any warranty. Service may be interrupted at any time. Your server may be deleted by us anytime. If it happens without notice, you will be refunded for the current billing period (given the reason was not related to terms violation). When with a month notice, then is not subject to refund.

    Acceptable use

    Your service may be stopped if you are found to be using it for unlawful or unintended activities. This also includes intended acts of negative PR like e.g. unjust negative reviews, hateful comments, hate speech etc.