By using this service you agree to be bound by these Terms. We reserve the right to modify or replace these Terms at any time.


We use Stripe for secure payment processing. Each of your servers will be billed automatically every month to the Stripe/PayPal account associated with your SuperCraft account. All monthly charges will be visible in your customer Control Panel.


Server can be cancelled at any time. Once has been cancelled, the associated Stripe/PayPal subscription is also cancelled. There shall be no further charges. Note, that all invoices created while your subscription was active (but was not collected due to e.g. lack of funds) can be collected by Stripe/Paypal even after you cancelled. After cancelling the server itself is not deleted, is running and available till the end of the paid period. You may or may not decide to use it. Later on when the paid period has passed, it is subject to disabling and deletion. If your cancel is refunded, the server is immediately deleted. Account deletion triggers server(s) cancellation. Cancelling subscription is customer's responsibility. The fact you are not using doesn't mean we don't have to pay for the resources allocated for you. After you have cancelled, please make sure the status of the subscription changed and whether you got confirmation email. Request for refund on the basis of forgetting to cancel (but not intending to use further) will be rejected.

7-Day Refund Policy

New customers are entitled to refund during their first 7 days of using the service, i.e. first 7 days of being a customer (7 days inclusive of the 1st one). Refunds do not apply to recurring payments. Customer is entitled only to one refund. Subsequent refunds for new subscriptions (including upgrades) will be rejected. Refund requests submitted more than a day from cancellation will be rejected. Refund is processed by payment vendor and takes usually 1-5 working days. Refunded (and cancelled service) may be immediately terminated. Upon termination there is not further obligation for support. Refunded amount may be decreased by the operating fee (which is not being refunded to us by Paypal and Stripe). Refunds are not guaranteed for accounts violating these Terms.


  • Plan can be upgraded anytime. The old plan is cancelled, the new plan is subscribed and data is moved.

  • Account deletion

    You can delete your account at any time by either using the admin web panel or by requesting it in any of support channels. Apart from this, we also have the right to delete your account provided that it doesn't contain active/paid subscriptions (may contain expired, cancelled by you, unpaid, refunded by us or none at all).

    Game version upgrades SLA

    In general the purchased service is not guaranteed to be compatible with the newest game version. It must be with the version at the time of purchase. We will try to provide compatibility as soon as possible, but it may take up to 8 hours if it is a minor version release and up to 5 working days if that is a major release (e.g. A20 -> A21). Note, such drops are always not advertised by the game developer and once available, we need to take the time to make it work with our system.


    This service is provided “as is” without any warranty. Service may be interrupted at any time. Your server may be deleted by us anytime. If it happens without notice, you will be refunded for the current billing period (given the reason was not related to terms violation). When with a month notice, then is not subject to refund.

    If you don't cancel, but your payment can't be collected (it is tried a few times) - we stop your server, disable it and schedule for deletion.

    Support is provided by email and Discord (reques w/o account details may not be supported). Typically we respond to every request and sometimes it is in a matter of minutes, sometimes hours. Note however, it's "best effort" model (no SLA defined) and we have to assess priorities according to the plan tier and the issue itself. Problems with the service are treated with highest priority, but by comparison e.g. questions about game tweaks coming from S-plan subscribers have the lowest priority.

    Acceptable use

    Your service may be stopped if you are found to be using it for unlawful or unintended activities. This also includes intended acts of negative PR like e.g. unjust negative reviews, hateful comments, hate speech etc.