Help - Server Admin Panel Guide

  • How it works?

    See an introduction.

  • How to connect to my server? Where are connection details?

    Go to "Details" page and use host:port. Note, host is not an IP address which is fine. You can also use details from the banner.

  • Do you support mods?

    Yes. We support mods/modlets that go into the Mods Folder with or without "UIAtlases" & "Resources" (like the ones you can download e.g. from Nexus). We don't support mods that change the core game distribution, e.g. require files to be copied into the core folder (outside of Mods and save). This includes management mods like Botman and ServerTools.
    On top of that we support popular mod-packs (overhaul mods) like Darkness Falls, War3zuk or Ravenhearst which you don't have to install yourself and just enable. All these are available as 1-click addons. See: More on mods.

  • How can I upload my map files and/or mods?

  • We provide a file management module in Control Panel. You can there upload and download your world game files. Navezgane, RWG, Nitrogen and KingGen generated maps are supported. We also provide a Map Generator online.

  • I need to change an XML file under my game directory (set some setting). How to do this?

    1. You can download your world as a save (zip). Change the file you need. Re-pack as zip and upload as a save.

    2. You can send us the file and setting and we will change for you.

    3. You can use existing mod(lets) that alter config like e.g. this one. You can also create your own modlet which changes the settings you need and upload it.

  • My server is stuck at 99% after reloading - what to do?

    Sometimes because of changes you made or a bug in the game it may happen. It can't be started as is starting and can't be stopped as is not yet started. In order to break it, use the KILL button. It will terminate the game server process and will let you start it again.

  • How can I upgrade my server version?

    After a new version comes out, we add a dedicated "Upgrade button" you can click yourself ("Manage" section in the panel). It is going to automatically upgrade it for you.

  • There is a new 7D2D version released. When the upgrade will be available?

    Typically, we do it right after a new version comes out, but of course we need to do something on our side in order to provide new game server install packages (including mods) and test if it works. Please wait at least a couple of hours and know we never miss that event as our support channels are hot then :)

  • I can't connect to my Steam account.

    Please make sure:

    • you are using an ID which is a number
    • it is your ID and not e.g. your friend's
    • your account is not locked in Steam

  • I was wondering how many ops I can set?

    There is no limit for ops. The only one limit is for players logged to the game at the same time.

  • Having trouble with the airdrops... I set it to 12 and they never spawned, then I set it to 1 and they spawned every second... What value should I use for once daily in game?

    I checked your config and now you have 24 - which seems to be a correct value. This number means a 24 in-game-hours (not real hours)
  • How to import my world?

    I. Upload an existing local game - template e.g. Navezgane:

    1. Go to %AppData%.
    2. Go to: \\Roaming\\7DaysToDie.
    Instruction for Navezgane and PREGEN*
    1. Create new directory somewhere (on desktop) - name it 'upload'
    2. In 'upload' directory create two subdirectories:
    3. From 7DaysToDie directory copy entire 7DaysToDie\\Saves\\Navezgane to save_game.
    4. Go to upload/save_game/Navezgane and rename the game you like to upload to 'MyGame' (important: no space between words!), remove other saves.
    Now your upload should have the following structure:
      user_data [empty]
    5. Go to upload, select only save_game and user_data; zip them together. Important: what should be in the zip is contents of 'upload' and not the 'upload' folder itself.
    6. Configure the server to use Navezgane map.
    7. Upload the zip file.

    Sample Navezgane save.

    II. Upload an existing local game - RWG maps:

    1. Create a new directory somewhere (on desktop) - name it 'upload'
    2. In the upload directory create two subdirectories:
    3. From 7DaysToDie directory copy entire 7DaysToDie\\Saves\\YOUR_WORLD_NAME to save_game
    4. Go to upload/save_game/YOUR_WORLD_NAME and rename the game you like to upload to "MyGame" (no space!), remove other saves
    now your upload should have following structure:
      user_data [empty]
    5. Go to 7DaysToDie directory and copy entire GeneratedWorlds to upload\\user_data
    6. Go to upload\\user_data\\GeneratedWorlds and remove worlds not related to your saved game
    your structure should looks like:
    7. Go to upload, select save_game and user_data; zip them together. Important: what should be in the zip is contents of 'upload' and not the 'upload' folder itself.
    8. Upload the zip file
    9. Activate world

    Sample RWG save.

    III. Uploading map from Nitrogen/KingGen/other generator

    1. Create two directories:
    2. In user_data create GeneratedWorlds
    3. Copy your map into user_data\GeneratedWorlds
    4. Your structure should look like this:
      save_game [empty]
    5. Select save_game and user_data; zip them together. Important: what should be in the zip is contents of 'upload' and not the 'upload' folder itself.
    6. Upload the zip file.
    7. Activate the world.

    Sample Kinggen save.

  • Wiki page.

  • What is Steam ID for and do I have to have one?

    Adding Steam ID is not required, however without it, we won't be able to suggest your friends in the server access management panel.You still will be able to add anybody, but you will need to know and use specific IDs in that case.

  • How to send commands?

    There are three ways to send commands to the server:
    1. In-Game console - using it, you may execute administrative commands related to the gameplay. Still, you can't configure the server itself from the in-game console.
    2. Web console gives you access to all server commands from our web panel. You can do anything - including shutting down the server.
    3. You may also get access via telnet service (you need to use telnet client program for that). You can enable telnet in the configuration panel - you will be given a port and password. Using telnet, you can run the same set of commands as through the web console. Server management tools like RAT uses telnet protocol to connect to your server. Unless you use a program like RAT we recommend using a web console instead of telnet.