7 Days To Die server hosting plans comparison

How to choose the right server hosting plan?

  • S - best plan for a small team of casual players (2-5) who like to play an official game without any mods (vanilla). It supports all default maps and random maps up to 4k; Order and have fun.
  • M - is the best option for non-casual players and teams of 5+ players. You can install single modlets, use random maps up to 8k, upload your existing game. With the 'M' plan, you can also run Darkness Falls - the most popular Modpack as well as Sorcery; check the table below to see which other modpacks are included in the 'M' plan.
  • L - if you like to run some more resource-hungry overhaul modpacks - like 'War3zuk or Darkness Falls with Sorcery or if you like to create a small public server with 16+ players - 'L' plan is created for you. On the 'L' plan, you will be able to use experimental maps up to 12K.
  • XL - is a plan created for the most advanced players - it will allow you to run the most advanced overhaul mods: Undead Legacy or host a community public server. You will be able to run maps up to 16k (experimental).

Still not decided?

There are two main factors you should consider choosing a server rental plan:
  • Number of players
  • Maps, Modpacks and other game customizations you like to play
Each plan has a limit of players that can play on the server at the same time - you need to check what is the lowest plan which fits your team size. You should also consider the available map size. For the best game experience, maps need to be big enough to give each player enough space.
Max players 8 16 32 64
Max custom map size 6K 10k
Navezagane, Pregens, Modpacks built-in maps
As a next step, you should verify if the mod extension you like to play is included in the plan you would like to buy:
1.0 / A21 Stable
Darkness Falls v5.1 + 21.2
Sorcery Mod + 21.1
War3zuk-A21-latest + A21.2
The Age of Oblivion 7 + 21.1
Undead Legacy + 20.7
Finally, check if there are any other goodies you like to include in your server setup:
7 Days to Die 1.0 / 21.x server (vanilla)
Upgrade to 7 Days to Die next exp/stable (when available)
Custom Control Panel
Players Management
Game Settings Editor
Anti-DDoS Protection
Support (email, Discord)
Telnet, RAT
Dedicated Discord channel
Upload & download game progress
Server Mods/Modlets
Upload local saves, maps and modlets
Task Scheduler (server commands or restart)

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