Undead Legacy Mod – New updates


Undead Legacy Version: 2.6.11

Game version: A20.6 b9

– Changed vehicle radial menu interaction icons for storage and service

– Changed Motel 1 POI

– Changed ability to scrap Iron Desk and beds from inventory to Recycler

– Updated Russian and Chinese localizations

– Reduced scorpion spawn chance in Desert and Snow biomes

– Reduced Frostbite, Scorched and Blood Scorpion armor from 30 to 20 and health from 750-1000 to 600-800

– Fixed Block Randomizier causing issues in multiplayer for Fetch and Fetch/Clear quests

– Fixed crop fields in POIs spawning lots of crops

– Fixed Antidote and Antidote Schematic not in loot

– Fixed Gokart right wheel stuck and not turning

– Fixed high probability of spawning working workstations

– Fixed harvesting animals gives more than intended amount of resources

– Fixed action skills sometimes causing Null Reference Exception

– Fixed Toggle Transforms class causing Null Reference Exception

– Fixed infinite books exploit from bookcases


Undead Legacy Version: 2.6.10

– Fixed broken Fetch and Clear/Fetch quests

– Fixed biome decorations spawning outside of their biomes


Undead Legacy Version: 2.6.08

!!! IMPORTANT !!! Pick up Recycling Stations before updating or any regions/chunks with them will be corrupted.

– Added ability to recycle over 800 different items/blocks in the Recycler

– Added ability to break down all tools and weapons in Recycler

– Added ability to break down all mods in Recycler

– Added ability to break down all clothing and armor in Recycler

– Added ability to break down all ammo and explosives in Recycler

– Added ability to break down all lights in Recycler

– Added ability to break down all chairs and sofas in Recycler

– Added ability to research and craft Beaker

– Added ability to shift click items into Recycler input

– Added recipe to craft resin from logs

– Removed ability to scrap several items and blocks directly in inventory

– Changed Chicken to stack up to 100

– Changed Iron and Steel arrowhead recipes

– Changed Iron Breaker mod to also affect damage vs ore

– Changed LDR-63, HSR-82 and Sniper Rifle repair and upgrade cost

– Changed Chandelier material to Brass

– Increased all bladed weapon block damage

– Updated Brazilian localization

– Updated Barts Salvage POI

– Updated Pistol Pete book series English localization

– Rebalanced Resin gain from all trees

– Rebalanced Couch/Sofa recipes

– Reduced Headlight and Mechanical Part economic values

– Reduced craft cost of Rocket Tip, Rocket Casing, Contact Grenade

– Removed Ladder crafting (obsolete due to block shapes)

– Fixed Traders not selling .50 Cal Ammo

– Fixed Old Coupe rear light shader emissive levels

– Fixed Steel arrow heads scraping to iron instead of steel

– Fixed Sort By Type not working as expected

– Fixed Upgrading Furnace T1 to T2, it puts it in your inventory

– Fixed duplicate recipe of 50 Cal Ammo

– Fixed Cannot pick up chicken with gamepad

– Fixed interacting with locked sci-fi doors not having correct SFX

– Fixed Quest Tracker entries going off screen

– Fixed Truck Maintenance Schematic recipe

– Fixed Quad Bike not having internal storage

– Fixed Gokart showing that it has internal storage

– Fixed Water fills above max alloed in Wells and Pumps

– Fixed Recycler instantly recycling items in multiplayer

– Fixed vehicle encumbrance not properly calculated in multiplayer

– Fixed placing chicken on server attempting to spawn it twice

– Fixed picking up chicken on server not synchronizing in multiplayer

– Fixed Wooden Bow having same sounds as Primitive Bow

– Fixed rechargable light sources not being network synchronized in multiplayer

– Fixed Titanium Shovel has incorrect economic value

– Fixed wnknown particle effect error when hitting sand bags

– Fixed salvaging dynamic vehicles not working as intended

– Fixed unintended last hit overflow of resources when harvesting blocks

– Fixed Missshaped Junk Blade having Unlocked by property

– Fixed Furnace and Blacksmith’s Forge Tier 3 not having category tabs

– Fixed Chemistry Station 2 and 3 not having category tabs

– Fixed Leather Couch repaired with cloth instead of leather

Undead Legacy Mod is available with XL plan (https://7d2d.net/services/1/buy?plan_id=4).

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