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Setting up CSMM on a dedicated server

Catalysm’s Server Manager & Monitor (CSMM) 

How to setup CSMM on a 7d2d dedicated server

Catalyst’s Server Manager & Monitor (CSMM) can be used to manage and keep track of 7 Days to Die servers. Using it, you can check how the server is running, see what players are doing and where they are going, give them things, put troublesome users on a blacklist, and more. With the help of CSMM, which is connected to your server, you can do things that would normally require a console. Use a single web interface to manage many servers, each of which has its own rights and settings.

It is a collection of 7 Days to Die Server Mods by Alloc that bring additional features to your server such as:

  • A globe map that you may zoom in and out of.
  • For additional modifications like CSMM and logging, there is an API that you may utilize.
  • Give, listitems, listknownplayers, and showinventory are all new commands.

How to Install and Configure Alloc’s and CPM on Your 7 Days to Die Server

There are various ways to set up CSMM on your own server. These approaches are ranked according to difficulty.

Free Community CSMM Server

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