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Unable to discover a friend’s server in 7 Days to Die? Check out these six fixes.

The thrilling video game 7 Days to Die has several unique characteristics. When you play with friends, it is even more compelling.

What exactly is 7 Days to Die?

Players in “7 Days to Die” are left to fend for themselves with nothing but their wits and crude tools in the wake of the collapse of society. Players must explore the open world alone or with friends in this constantly evolving game, which is currently in alpha development, to create tools, weapons, and shelter to protect themselves from the threats of the reanimated dead, infected wildlife, and the planet itself.

The joy of playing 7 Days to Die can be ruined if you cannot connect to a friend’s server. You may have tried every tip and hack you had to try to save the situation but to no success.

Fear not; in this article, our professional gamers will offer you six proven solutions to assist you in fixing this issue.

Things to Do To Fix the Issue

You can approach the problem in various ways and discover your friend’s 7 Days to Die server. These are:

  • Restart the Steam or your game.

Restarting your game is easy to return the system to its initial state. Make sure to Restart the game after quitting it. Additionally, you can restart Steam by clicking Exit after selecting Steam in the upper-left corner of your Steam session.

  • Run an Internet Speed Test

You might have trouble connecting to your friend’s server if your internet bandwidth isn’t fast enough. The cause is that the game can struggle to load all the resources necessary for full functionality, which will affect how you play.

We propose a network speed of 300Mbps or more for professional gamers. Your gameplay experience might be impacted by anything below.

  • Restart the computer

You might need to restart your PC if the aforementioned does not work. If hardware drivers or other issues are preventing you from connecting to your friend’s server in the 7 Days to Die game, restarting your computer will soft reset it and assist you in fixing them.

If none of these tricks work, we have a comprehensive guide for you to get your issue fixed.

Six Solutions that work wonders!

You can get on these tried-and-true remedies if the aforementioned crucial hacks do not function. They are a miracle in action!

  1. Modify the Firewall’s settings

While certain games won’t work correctly with a firewall turned on, the majority do. Sometimes turning on the FirewallFirewall can interfere with your 7D2D game, making it difficult for you to connect to your friend’s server.

To resolve this problem, disable your firewall settings or add the 7 Days to Die game to the firewall exclusion list.

  • Deactivate the EAC.

On 7 Days to Die, the Easy Anti-Cheat setting may be the cause of your inability to locate a friend’s server. Deactivating it is the best course of action.

The actions below must be followed in order to deactivate:

  • Stop the server.
  • Go to the 7daystodie.properties by scrolling.
  • Put False in the EAC enabled property.
  • Switch off your server.
  • Join With a Steam Invitation

This patch might be effective if any of the others don’t. With the Steam Invite, you can join and play your 7 Days to Die game with your friends and family.

With the help of a URL link, you can communicate with up to 4 other players utilizing the Steam invite. You don’t need an account to join your game if you use Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android.

  • Altering the anti-virus settings

Like firewalls, anti-virus software can interfere with how your 7 Days to Die game runs, preventing it from operating to its full potential. Enable the game mode setting or add your 7D2D to the anti-virus exclusion list to change the settings.

  • Turn off the mods

You can have trouble locating your friend’s server if you put the incorrect mod on your game configuration. It might need to be turned off.

In most circumstances, checking the cache’s integrity will enable you to disable it, but you can also erase the game’s folder and reinstall it.

  • Verify Server/Console Version Differences and Update

Check the different inversions of your server or console again if you are unable to connect to your friend’s server. You or your friend might use the earlier game version.

You’ll need to update your server to fix this issue.

To upgrade the game version, follow the following steps:

  • To access the game’s properties, right-click it.
  • Opt-in after scrolling to the Beta section.
  • You can alter the version of the game you’re playing by opting in.

The Bottom Line

Nothing should interfere with the fun you have playing with your loved ones. You can rely on these guaranteed fixes from our seasoned players if you can’t locate or connect to your friend’s server in 7 Days to Die. You’ll be able to fix the issue without difficulty and gain insight into how to handle similar problems down the road.

Have any questions regarding the topic Unable to discover a friend’s server in 7 Days to Die? Feel free to comment below.

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