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7 Days to Die: Undead Legacy User’s Guide

Undead Legacy Mod for 7 Days To Die
Undead Legacy Mod for 7 Days To Die

Undead Legacy has gained a strong following within the 7 Days to Die community. As an overhaul mod, it flips the base experience of the game on its head by adding new and exciting ways to enjoy it.

Subquake and his crew have been working on this mod for a long time and continuously update it with new and incredible stuff. This is arguably one of UL’s greatest strengths and what makes it a worthwhile experience.

If you’re looking to get a head start on playing Undead Legacy, then check out our guide below to get yourself fully prepared before you dive in.

What is Undead Legacy?

Undead Legacy is an overhaul mod for 7 Days to Die. Like other mods of this calibre, it recreates the core 7D2D feel and gameplay. While the vanilla experience remains somewhat intact, Undead Legacy introduces enough elements that make it feel fresh.

While a lot of other overhaul mods try to make the game more challenging, UL aims to keep the game fairly the same while also bringing into the fold new mechanics and systems.

Undead Legacy how to install

What Makes Undead Legacy Different?

At its core, Undead Legacy is very much the same 7D2D game experience. What makes the mod different is a slew of mechanics, systems, and quality of life improvements. While the vanilla experience is still there, UL’s added features make it a more streamlined and varied game. One could even argue that the whole package just elevates the entire game to new heights, making it feel more complete finished.

Undead Legacy Features

As with any overhaul mod, it’s all about the extra mechanics, items, and systems, and Undead Legacy is certainly no slouch in this area.

New User Interface

What immediately stands out after installing the mod is its included overhauled UI. It has a clean, minimalistic look with muted green hues that fit the aesthetic of 7 Days to Die perfectly. The fonts and characters also look a lot more readable and accessible, while also retaining the grungy vibe of the base UI.

Even more impressive, Undead Legacy’s UI includes advanced item stat tooltips and dynamic elements, such as speedometers in vehicles and a tool belt that hides automatically. Each aspect of the UI also has a lot of customization options to make it your own.

Item Weight System

While arguably a downgrade for quality of life, UL also adds a weight system to items and inventory. According to the modders, this was done primarily to avoid allowing you to carry as many custom blocks and other future content you like, throwing the entire game off balance.

Still, an encumbrance system like this adds a strong decision factor to the game. When you’ve got more items than you can carry, your movement is impeded and your jumps don’t go as high. Vehicles can also be overburdened, which causes them to be unable to move entirely. And you also factor into their total carried weight!

Inventory Search and Sort

No more fumbling for your tools. Undead Legacy adds the ability for you to sort your items through filters such as weight, price, and type. While it sounds like a small thing, it makes a world of difference when your bags are full of stuff. On top of the filters, the mod also adds a search function that highlights the exact item you want.

Research System

Forget needing to level up specific skills or perks to get the recipes you want. UL’s research system provides a tiered approach to building up your recipe library. By setting up different workstations, you can start doing research for recipes, blueprints, and schematics without needing to spend your precious skill points. Furthermore, the ones you don’t need you can scrap into a new resource called research data, a key component that leads to research upgrades.

Expanded Crafting

Undead Legacy eliminates some of the tedious linearity of crafting through a more elegant approach. Through intermediate crafting components and recipes, you can make more advanced items that require more materials.

New Vehicles

Tired of vanilla 7D2D’s vehicles? Undead Legacy has got you here, too. The mod adds a bunch of new vehicles for you to enjoy joyrides across your post-apocalyptic world. These different vehicles will appear during different stages of the game and will add some more variety to your driving.

New Interactions

Finally, someone heard our prayers! UL adds the ability to fill up liquid containers with fluids of various types. Containers can be jars, bottles, and gas tanks. Through a new interaction, you can take your empty storage items, fill them up at gas stations, sinks, and other places that have liquids, and keep them handy for later. While not a particularly mind-blowing addition, this new interaction adds a bit more realism to the game.

New Weapons and Tools

It wouldn’t be an overhaul mod without new weapons and tools. Undead Legacy’s current package contains a big collection of additional ways you can decimate your enemies, but also adds more to the pile with updates. These include an arsenal of pistols, SMGs, snipers, and, naturally, melee weapons including a big hammer. Also, some weapons also have epic variants.

Lockpicking System

Undead Legacy adds a bit of Fallout into the mix through an all-new lockpicking system. It’s not just a simple interaction, either. Picking locks plays out similarly to the Bethesda series via a mini-game that can lead to you wasting your picks if you are not careful.

Action Skills

This mod also takes the boredom out of gaining levels and experience. Each time you level in UL, you can get an action skill that can be further levelled to give it more perks and effects. What’s really cool about this system is that you are rewarded for becoming better at specific actions within the game.


It seems the modders weren’t big fans of punching trees and plants to harvest them. So, they’ve made it an action in itself. Now, all you need to do is simply click Harvest and you’ll get the goods from your crops and farm. Of course, you can still choose to punch if that’s still your thing.

Vehicle Repair System

Undead Legacy has damaged and broken vehicles scattered around the wasteland. After finding them, you can repair and rebuild them, making these badass vehicles rideable again. It’s a nice way to reward exploration, especially when it means stumbling upon an armoured motorcycle with front-facing spikes.

Feature Roadmap

Undead Legacy is constantly evolving. Subquake is always adding new stuff, including items, vehicles, and mechanics to this already packed mod. Here is what they’ve got on the horizon:

  • World bosses
  • Food and nutrition overhaul
  • Trader hubs
  • Repairable flying vehicles
  • Loot overhaul
  • NPC followers
  • New and refurbished points of interest
  • Custom story map
  • Animal trophies
  • Weapon displays and stands
  • Armour integrity indicator
  • Vehicle-mounted guns
  • …and much much more!

How to Install Undead Legacy

Undead Legacy can be installed on both the PC and Mac versions of 7 Days to Die. It’s compatible with A20 but it won’t work with EAC so you’ll need to turn it off.


To install on a Windows PC, follow these steps:

  1. Make a backup copy of your 7D2D folder just in case
  2. Download the Undead Legacy mod pack
  3. Unzip and copy the mods, bepinex and doorstop_libs folders, doorstop_config.ini, and winhttp.dll files into your 7D2D folder
  4. Allow it to overwrite when you see the pop-up

You have now installed Undead Legacy and are ready to play.


On Mac, things are slightly more complicated:

  1. Create one or two files on your desktop. Once you named the folders then go into Steam and select View Local Files. Once there, copy 7DaysToDie.app, 7dLauncher, EasyAntiCheat, Licenses, serverconfig.xml, and steam_appid.txt into the folder or folders you created (UL Exp or UL Stable for example).
  2. Next, you create a Mods folder in the same folder with EasyAntiCheat, licenses, etc. Open up that Mods folder. Then go to the folder you downloaded UL and click on the mods folder inside the download. You should see 6 files. Highlight and copy all 6 files and paste them into the mods folder you just created.
  3. Right-click on Show Package Contents on the 7DaysToDie.app. Once you are seeing the contents of the app you should see two folders, Contents and Data. Create another Mods folder here and copy and paste all 6 files again from the UL downloaded Mods folder.
  4. The next step is to go back to the main screen of the 7DaysToDie.app and at this point, you should now see three folders. Contents, Data, and Mods.
  5. Click on Contents, then Resources, then Data, then Managed. Once there you will go back to the download UL files and click on the 7DaysToDie_Data folder and then click on Manage and you should see 4 files, 0Harmony.dll, Assembly-CSharp.dll, DMT.dll, and Mods.dll.
  6. Copy and Paste those 4 files into the Managed folder that you opened at the beginning of step 5. Always select overwrite if it asks you about a file that already exists.
  7. Next, you need to back out to the main folder you created on your desktop and click on 7DaysToDie.app or 7dLaunher to start 7 Days to Die.

Undead Legacy Beginner Tips

Although Undead Legacy isn’t as hard as other overhaul mods, it can feel a bit different when you first dive in. Here are some quick tips to help you get started:

  • Learn as much as you can from books and scrap the ones you don’t need. This should give you an early boost towards getting your base and abilities going.
  • Don’t skip out on quests as they’ll give you good early money to buy the first few schematics you’ll need.
  • Prioritize finding a point of interest to spend the first couple of nights. As you can expect, it’s crucial to stay quiet during these hours so make sure you are sitting comfortably.
  • Underground bases work a treat in Undead Legacy. Consider building your crib below the surface for extra protection.
  • Check sinks, toilets, and bathtubs for water. It’s tough to resource at first but the game will allow you to start a well fairly early.
  • Build your first research workstation as soon as possible. This will get you into a cycle of getting schematics, scrapping the ones you don’t need, and then working towards other workstations.

Best Servers to Play Undead Legacy

Now that you’ve built up your knowledge of Undead Legacy, you’ll likely want to dive into some servers and give the mod a go. Undead Legacy requires a dedicated launcher and only few hosting services can run it – 7d2d.net is one of those services that offers you full support for the mod as part of the XL plan. Go and check it out!

Undead legacy Mod Updates

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