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7 Days To Die – Server process crash

2022-08-06T13:47:52 92106.072 INF Time: 1531.03m FPS: 19.92 Heap: 3454.0MB Max: 4056.5MB Chunks: 347 CGO: 0 Ply: 0 Zom: 0 E⏎
  nt: 1 (230) Items: 0 CO: 0 RSS: 10233.0MB
mmap(PROT_NONE) failed
Caught fatal signal - signo:6 code:-6 errno:0 addr:0x462000b75a7
Obtained 17 stack frames.
#0  0x007f8f89670420 in (Unknown)
#1  0x007f8f894ad00b in (Unknown)
#2  0x007f8f8948c859 in (Unknown)
#3  0x007f8f88f13df1 in (Unknown)
#4  0x007f8f88f13e5e in (Unknown)
#5  0x007f8f88f16fc4 in (Unknown)
#6  0x007f8f88f1722d in (Unknown)
#7  0x007f8f88f17cb6 in (Unknown)
#8  0x007f8f8a69bec8 in (Unknown)
#9  0x007f8f8a69bfb0 in (Unknown)
#10 0x007f8f8a52a009 in (Unknown)
#11 0x007f8f8a523ca7 in (Unknown)
#12 0x007f8f8a523c62 in (Unknown)
#13 0x007f8f8a52420e in (Unknown)
#14 0x007f8f8a701af6 in (Unknown)
#15 0x007f8f8948e083 in (Unknown)
#16 0x00559c636bf029 in (Unknown)

Alleged bug in the game. It tries to access invalid memory addresses and the server process crashes. With mods and the world growing the likelihood of this increases, so with time stability declines. You can either manually start or set a restart job at night just in case.

Do you have the solution for this problem? Let us know in the comment section.

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