May 1, 2023 bookmarkMods

I’m attempting to install a new mod. Darkness Falls was previously in use. I’m now

Age of Oblivion Mod
March 4, 2023 bookmarkMods

In this article, we will explore the Age of Oblivion mod in more detail and discuss why it has become such a beloved addition to the 7 Days to Die community.

7 Days TO Die Wasteland Mod
November 4, 2022 bookmarkMods

What do you get when you combine 7 Days to Die with one of the

Apocalypse Now
October 25, 2022 bookmarkMods

Now available in our L hosting plan! Apocalypse Now is one of the most fun

War of the Walkers Mod

War of the Walkers may not be the most popular among the overhaul mods in

War3zuk Upgrade
October 16, 2022 bookmarkMods

25.09.2022 War3zuk-Alpha-20.6 – AIO STABLE Updated v7.7 to v7.8 – Updated GUI/Windows.xml (20.6 B9)  –

Darkness Falls 7DTD

04.10.2022 Darkness Falls V4.1.1-DEV-B2 is available for anyone who wants to poke at it!  Notes

Undead Legacy 7DTD

10.10.2022 Undead Legacy Version: 2.6.11 Game version: A20.6 b9 – Changed vehicle radial menu interaction


23.07.2022 Ravenhearst 8.5.4 is for play on 20.5b2 Stable ONLY EAC MUST be disabled while