District Zero

“7 Days to Die,” a beloved survival horror game, has been given a futuristic overhaul with the introduction of the “District Zero” mod. Created by a dedicated team of modders, District Zero transports players to a sci-fi universe where traditional zombies are replaced by advanced robotic enemies, and survival hinges on mastering new technologies.

A Sci-Fi Overhaul: Entities and Progression

In District Zero, the familiar zombies and animals of the base game are replaced by androids, cyborgs, juggernauts, mechs, and drones. This shift creates a radically different gameplay experience, demanding new strategies and approaches to combat and survival.

The mod also introduces a revamped skill tree, split into six class-style perk trees with an additional general perk tree. Each class offers unique skills and weapon specializations, ranging from intellectual Empaths wielding rifles to Astrominers specializing in resource extraction.

Advanced Technologies and Status Effects

A key feature of District Zero is its emphasis on advanced technologies. Players can access over 20 new sci-fi-themed guns and 18 melee weapons, each with different tiers of progression and unique particle effects. Additionally, the mod includes new tools like power augers and laser mining guns, enhancing the gameplay with a high-tech feel.

The mod replaces the traditional infection mechanic with a radiation meter, adding a new layer of survival challenge. Players must manage their radiation levels, which can increase through environmental factors or contact with radiation sources.

Farming, Water, and Workstations

Farming in District Zero stays true to the roots of earlier game versions, where seeds remain post-harvest. The Farming Multitool is a new addition, enabling players to plant directly in the ground or in farm plots. The mod reintroduces empty glass jars, a staple for water storage, and allows players to refill them at various water sources.

New workstations like the Blast Furnace, Hydro Organic Fabricator, and Auto Miner expand the possibilities for crafting and resource gathering, each adding unique functionalities to the player’s arsenal.

Resources, Biomes, and Vehicles

Cobalt emerges as a high-tier resource, crucial for crafting high-tech items and fortifying bases. The mod also introduces charcoal, primarily used in crafting flare rounds for airdrops.

District Zero breathes new life into biomes with an extensive overhaul of the forest biome and additions to the snow biome. The roads are populated with sci-fi-themed vehicles, adding an extra dimension to exploration.

Traders, Vehicles, and UI Enhancements

The trading system has been rebalanced to focus more on specialization, with trader protection and invisible walls removed for a more immersive experience. The mod also introduces five new drivable sci-fi vehicles, including flying and hover cars.

The user interface has been given a sci-fi makeover, displaying health, stamina, radiation, food, and water with a new aesthetic. The backpack capacity is increased to 96 slots with a lock feature for added convenience.

Extras and Credits

District Zero adds interactive elements to the world, like POI lights that can be recharged and customized. Many decorative items can be picked up and used for base decoration, adding a personal touch to player shelters.

Credits for the mod’s development include contributions from closer_ex for the Custom Particle Loader and ocbMaurice for Remote Description, among others.

In summary, District Zero is a bold reimagining of “7 Days to Die,” infusing the game with sci-fi elements that redefine the survival experience. With its extensive modifications and enhancements, the mod promises to offer a new and exciting adventure for both new and veteran players of the game.


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