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7 Days To Die Alpha 20.6

The screamers emerge when the heat index reaches 100, and there is no way to lower it unless you leave the area

The screamers emerge when the heat index in the location you’re in hits 100. This may be caused by anything that makes noise or starts a fire while you’re playing. There is no way to lower the temperature unless you leave the area. While playing, anything that creates noise or starts a fire will increase the heat index (from campfires, forges, torches or chem stations). As soon as the chunk (the region you are currently in) reaches 100, the screamers appear. The spawning will continue as long as you’re still in the chunk and the temperature drops. There is no other method to lessen the temperature. Leaving. For as long as you or anybody else is in the chunk, the meter will never drop below 100 points. Leave the location for 20 minutes if the screamers are too much for you to bear. Unless you leave the region, you can only increase the temperature, not decrease it. Living 20+ blocks (I’m not 100% sure of the precise amount) above or below ground can also be beneficial. As long as you execute your fire-related activities in an underground chamber, you won’t be seen by screamers! As a result, if you so like, you may select when and where to engage in combat with their mini-hordes.

Investing in a bicycle or other kind of transportation will save time and food

Watch out for garbage close to most doors in POI’s while clearing them out. To prevent you from landing a sneak attack arrow that either 1shots the zombie or at least delivers a ton of damage, they’ll produce a sound that will rouse up sleeping zombies. To maximize the sneak attack damage, keep your finger on the control button.
Clothes pocket modifications are a godsend if you’re anything like me and like to overpack the first few days before establishing a stronghold. Opens up some much-needed inventory with only the supplies needed. You don’t have to pay a single perk point to receive a single point in the pack mule bonus.
After you’ve obtained the crafting stations, investing in a bicycle or other kind of transportation will save you a lot of time and food because you won’t be running about as much. Because you presumably already invested a few points in int for the workbench and such, it requires very few more skill points to use the workbench and other tools.

Mining 69er, tyrannosaurus sexuel, chef de cuisine, and high-tech engineer to unlock forge and basic food recipes

In order to make the most of your first day, here’s a quick tutorial that relies heavily on random number generation:
Begin by completing the simplest tasks, and then use your points as follows: mining 69er, tyrannosaurus sexuel, chef de cuisine, and high-tech engineer The forge and basic food recipes will be unlocked, as well as additional endurance to pull down materials and battle with stone tools.
In the meantime, head for the trader and loot and destroy everything you see along the way. Also, look for food by hunting rabbits or deer, and destroy bird nests to get more loot. Once you find the trader, ideally near a city, loot and destroy the trader, but only the important items like boxes and crates. Go to town and pick any level 1 POI for looting. This will serve as your temporary base for the night, so you can go loot it after you’re done with the quests and stay here at night. Finish the buried supplies quest and pick up a poi quest. By this point, depending on your efficiency, you should be able to clear a level 1 POI twice.
Depending on how well you hunted, you’ll have enough food to last the night, and if you’ve successfully boiled meat/bacon/eggs, you’ll also have enough bones/glue/duct tape to build a forge as well as iron tools.

Loot chests are a useful tool for those without a car or bicycle to store items and mark them on the map if they don’t have enough inventory space

Place a few chests on the street outside the POI you looted and store everything you don’t need if you find yourself overburdened afterwards. When you’re done, take what you need out and head home, or do anything else you want in that region or direction. To ensure that you don’t become a burden to other looters in the neighborhood, this is a useful tool for those who lack a car or are solely on bicycles. It is possible to leave items in the chests and mark them on the map if you know you will need them later but don’t have enough inventory space, or if you have a vehicle that has enough space to store them.

Zombies have an easy way to get to a fortress, so a two-block deep V-shaped trench and reinforced concrete wall should be built to keep them out

As long as the zombies have an easy way to get to you (either by walking or jumping one block at a time), they’ll spare no effort in demolishing your fortress. You can keep them at bay using doors, but if there is an immovable obstacle between you and them, they will become enraged and do whatever action they can to get to you as quickly as possible.
In order to keep the horde at bay, a two-block deep V-shaped trench was dug around its perimeter and a two-block high reinforced concrete wall was built within. A two- or three-block space should be left for the wood spike traps to enter the courtyard around the V-shaped piece of the wall that rises toward the wall. Fill the area around the entrance with barbed wire and mine freely. The zombies will make their way around the outside of the building, ignoring the walls and destroying the traps while reducing their health and population. This is really excessive early on, and installing 300 traps every week gets old fast when you’re playing alone.

Consider building a “battle deck” closer to the tower’s base to make horde night more engaging

This water tower settlement is located mere yards from the town’s trader, so I feel secure. A natural barbed wire fence and a moat around my fortress let me survive my first horde night without much effort. Even so, I’m wondering if there is anything else I can do to make horde night a little more engaging? If you’re simply going to sit there and wait for it to happen? I was considering building a “battle deck” closer to the tower’s base so that I could aim my shotgun at the zombies. The first screamer I faced last night was quite high in the air, so I have a feeling my moat/fence won’t put up much of a fight for my next horde night. I haven’t played one save for very long, so I’m not sure how much more tough horde nights will be.

7 days to die tips and tricks

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