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7 Days to Die Mod Guide – War of the Walkers

War of the Walkers may not be the most popular among the overhaul mods in the community but it’s definitely found its audience. Although it was made by one person during their spare time, it’s definitely one of the most feature-rich of the bunch.

The result is a 7D2D mod that does a great job of enhancing all aspects of the game and making them feel fun and fresh without sacrificing its core concept.

If you’re looking to get a head start on playing War of the Walkers, then check out our guide below to get yourself fully prepared before you dive in.

What is War of the Walkers?

War of the Walkers is an overhaul mod that almost completely alters the 7 Days to Die core experience. As with other mods of this type, the core idea of the vanilla game is still present. You need to build up a base, explore and gather resources, craft tools and weapons, and slay hordes of zombies. What this mod adds is a host of new features and elements that aim to make the game more focused on the fun stuff rather than forcing you to grind to make progress.

In a nutshell, War of the Walkers aims to provide more variety and to give you a 7D2D experience that’s a bit more arcade. It achieves this by giving you more survival tools and resources while also providing making it easier to get everything and carve out the ultimate badass survival experience.

War of the Walkers
War of the Walkers

What Makes War of the Walkers Different?

War of the Walkers takes a bit of a “kitchen sink” approach compared to other overhaul mods. In that respect, it’s fairly easier to get into as you have a lot of options for loot and upgrades. For a lot of 7D2D fans, War of the Walkers feels a bit unbalanced as you can end up pretty powerful and well-equipped within a few in-game days.

Other overhaul mods, such as Darkness Falls and Undead Legacy, are a lot more challenging by comparison. So, in essence, you may prefer to dive into War of the Walkers if you’d rather not have a ton to grind for and would rather have faster access to more stuff.

War of the Walkers Features

As with any overhaul mod, it’s all about the extra mechanics, items, and systems, and War of the Walkers packs a punch in that department.

Survival Additions

War of the Walkers makes the survival aspect of 7D2D a lot more interesting by injecting a host of goodies and added content.

Through its farming features you can grow a variety of crops, including the following:

  • Wheat
  • Apples
  • Strawberries
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Cocoa
  • Leeks
  • Lettuce
  • Peppers
  • Onions
  • Melons
  • Tomatoes
  • Blackberries

In tandem with the new Schematics system, you can learn a ton of different recipes and use your hard-grown crops to make a host of different food items, such as Apple Pie, Mushroom Venison Stew, Ham, and Canned Stew.

War of the Walkers also allows you to craft your own fishing rod so you can fish and use your catches to make even more foodstuff such as Tuna Sandwiches. When you throw in the added meats, you’re completely spoilt for choice with your in-game diet.

Apart from satisfying your hunger, you’ll also need a lot of other ways to keep yourself healthy. That’s where War of the Walkers throws in more health items, such as Vitamins, First Aid Kits, and Bandages.

To make life even easier, the mod features two brand-new Traders. The first acts as an avenue towards acquiring Schematics so if you’re strapped for something to craft, hit this guy up. The other trader specializes in giving your quests and rewards. If you’re feeling bored or aren’t sure what to do next, you can give him a quick chat.

The rest of the survival feature set includes the following:

  • Drink items
  • New prefabs to explore
  • Class traders and vending machines
  • Updated and new biomes
  • New ore types
  • A new HUD made with the SMX UI mod
  • New buffs

Enemy Changes and Additions

War of the Walkers doesn’t just up the ante of the survival game. It also gives you new baddies to deal with. Through its new NPC Modlet, the mod adds followers, bandits, new zombies and a lot more to the mix.

Zombie hordes of all stripes feature new, nastier zombies, including Screamer hordes, Sleeper hordes, and Blood Moon hordes.

If zombies weren’t bad enough, Bandits are also going to be enemies you’ll need to worry about. These human NPCs can be found across various POIs and will aggro you on sight if you get close enough. The good news is that they don’t like zombies either so they’ll also take on the nasties of the night.

Another category of enemy found in War of the Walkers are Survivors. These are similar to Bandits but the main difference is they’ll only become aggressive to you if you throw the first punch. Some of them even tie into the mod’s follower system and can be hired to watch your back and fight for you.

Class System and Loot Enhancements

Like most overhaul mods, War of the Walkers features a class system. Each of the mod’s 5 included classes acts as a different starting point, allowing you to customize how you start your adventure in each playthrough. Each of these classes has its own exclusive recipes and items. Where this mod’s system differs from others is that you can end up acquiring all five classes in a single playthrough.

The loot system is also enhanced as War of the Walkers aims to shower you with stuff. Whether you’re scavenging through dead zombies, bandits, or containers, you’ll find way more loot across the board. On top of that, the mod throws in an extra 8 new treasure quests, bringing the grand total to 15.

And the above doesn’t begin to scratch the surface when you factor in the following loot and class features:

  • Over 100 new challenge quests
  • Obtainable reward cards from special crates and traders
  • New skills and perks
  • New specialized traders found in trading locations

Additional Items, Blocks and Workstations

Given that War of the Walkers adds a ton of stuff to all aspects of 7D2D, we can’t possibly give a full explanation of all features. Here’s a list of pretty much everything else the mod adds into the game:

  • New full armor sets such as Kevlar and Tungsten Armor
  • Individual clothing for cold and warm weather
  • More materials and shape variations for blocks
  • Flares that summon loot crate drops
  • New material-based tools and tool types
  • Several new weapons in all firearm categories
  • New melee weapons made out of Tungsten and Gold
  • Armor smithing workstation for crafting armor
  • Blueprint station for crafting loot crates that generate random schematics
  • Gunsmithing station for making base guns as well as modded versions
  • Forges for all types of metals
  • Tool workbench for making better tools
  • Coffee maker for concocting comforting hot beverages
  • A variety of food making stations such as an Oven, a Food processing table, and a Brewery
  • Ammo workbench for making all types of ammo
  • Mechanics workbench for putting together your own vehicles
  • …and much much more!

War of the Walkers Beginner Tips

If you’re not already aware by now, War of the Walkers has a lot of stuff to get through which can make it a bit overwhelming when first diving in. However, once you get going, it feels like you can acquire pretty much all the stuff it has available.

Here are a few tips to help you make a good start and enjoy everything the mod has to offer:

  • You’ll find that a lot of the blocks, workstations, and traders are incredibly lenient and generous, making you feel like you’re cheating the game. This is by design. War of the Walkers wasn’t made to be a hardcore experience so don’t expect you’ll need to grind much.
  • Make sure you focus on building a shelter first. A recommended design approach is the “toothy design” which is quite easy and can be achieved using cobblestone. Once you’ve upgraded it a bit, you can work towards making an iron forge so you can craft weapons and tools.
  • Once you’re all set up with your basic base, you’ll want to start working on missions, specifically to obtain your starter box and class box. Since you can do all classes, there are a lot of rewards you can obtain from missions right off the bat so be on the lookout for those class papers.
  • Some perks, skills, and recipes are locked behind level requirements but meeting them isn’t particularly hard. A good way to progress is to do a lot of mining so you’ll want to open up a few rooms under your base so you can safely crack some rocks and rack up those XP points.

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