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Story of Age of Oblivion

The Age of Oblivion is now. The populace has been infected with a virus by an unknown species that have overrun the earth and turned us all into zombies. The scientists of the rest of the globe organized themselves into “The Skulls,” a covert group. The remedy they developed only made matters worse! Many of their test subjects changed into entirely different things during the experiment, something much worse than zombies.

The initial attempt at a cure led to the creation of what is now referred to as “The Night Watchers,” horrifying beings that only appear to emerge at night and wander the globe aimlessly in search of food, recruiters, and mortal victims to be killed! However, the next effort at a cure just produced even more dreadful and repulsive abominations.

Best Age of Oblivion Mods 

The best Oblivion mods are what keep gamers coming back since they enable fresh playthroughs in which the game feels almost wholly new or in which you can create a character unlike any you’ve ever played.

Aurum’s Midas Magic Spells

The game’s magic system is considerably improved by adding over 300 new spells from Midas Magic, which also receives high marks for its stylish elements. This Oblivion mod includes new Conjuration summons, projectiles, beam spells, and more.

Project Oblivion Randomizer

This area of madness will suit your tastes if you enjoy Oblivion mods that include a little anarchy. The Oblivion Randomiser Project performs as many randomizations of Oblivion’s components as it can, as stated on the box. Visit a formidable foe in the tutorial! Discover a useless steel sword after navigating a difficult dungeon! The quirkiness of it all is what makes this mod so great.

Age of Oblivion Mod
Age of Oblivion Mod

Exotic Landscapes

One of the best Oblivion mods available is Unique Landscapes Oblivion if you’re seeking the most value for your money. As the name implies, it gathers 28 additional mods that drastically alter Cyrodiil’s landscapes.

Improved Camera

The Enhanced mod Camera forces the game to be played first. Hence, actions like sitting or dying will be frozen in the first person. Yes, it can be a little janky at times, especially if you fall from someplace relatively high or die in an odd position, but it adds a layer of immersion and something fresh to a replay.

Internal Lighting

Illumination Within adds internal evening lighting to most of the structures you come across throughout Cyrodiil, making it a great and straightforward immersion add-on. If you think about it, all those city lights shouldn’t be off at night.

Additionally, separate scripts determine how each property is lit. Thus inns, where customers sip ale all night long, will be lit differently than homes or businesses. A straightforward modification worked well.


Oblivion mods are great fun and a way to make your game more interesting. However, they can be mentally exhausting to maintain; often, there are dozens upon dozens of components that, taken together, make up an entire game’s worth of content, which is why you should use the best Oblivion mods available.

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