7 Days To Die: Apocalypse Now Mod

Author: killerbunny264


  • You may now summon Airdrops thanks to the Progression Tree Redesign, which added a Game-Stage Difficulty Bonus and added Supplies.
  • “Engineer, Survivalist, Hunter, Medic, Farmer, Miner and Scavenger” are the seven new classes being added.
    Backpack with 144 compartments! a crafting line with a total of 24 places available!
  • Customized user interfaces! Bars of food and water.
  • Zombie spawn and respawn rates have increased!
  • The nights are become a living hell. No One Should Hold Me Responsibile for Your Death.
  • Nodes of Titanium have been added! In the desert, they can be discovered.
  • Radiated wasteland can now be found.
  • The Horent Back has been added to disable the Zombie Rage.
  • Pin Recipes have been added. Addition of Active Ingredients by Modlet Modlet
  • There are even more crops to harvest! Trees for fruit and vegetables such as strawberries, cabbage, carrots, and lemons should also be planted.
  • From Swords to Bats to Pitchfork to Mace to Frying Pan to Cleaver there is now an extensive array of combat weapons.
  • New Custom Food and Drinks have been added.
  • Additional Weapons and Tools of a Higher Quality
  • 27 New item modifiers were added to Scrap Tier Tools
  • Weapons of the Legendary Tier have been included.
  • Gun components have returned to the market.
  • Added Bdubs Cars to the Database. Modified Apache Helicopter with Missile Launching Capability
  • Combopack: 4 New Maps 48
  • new stainless, titanium, and titanium-reinforced steel blocks were included.
  • Traders can be destroyed and remain open at all times.
  • Additional Zombie Bosses, such as the giant, have been added.
  • The candy may be made by hand. Advanced Forges, Advanced Workbenches, and Advanced Cement Mixers and Upgrade Bench have been added to the Research Desk. Information
  • As a result of your training as an engineer, you now own a bicycle frame and handlebars.
  • Cloth Armor Bundle is the reward for completing the Survivalist Class training.
  • The Hunting Rifle Bundle is what the Hunter Class Training grants you.
  • 4 First Aid Bandage, 2 First Aid Kit, 2 Painkillers, 2 Herbal Antibiotics, and 2 Plaster Cast are included in the Medic Class Training.
  • Gain access to the Food Bundle through Farmer Class Training. When you complete the Miner Class Training, you’ll be given Scrap Armor Bundle as a reward.
  • Training in the Scavenger Class gives you the following benefits: (150) Shotgun Shells (150) and 7.62mm (150) ammunition.
  • In-Game Credits
  • Bdubs Vehicles Modlet by Bdubyah
  • Block Buff AOE by Alter Supply A20-GameStage Difficulty Bonus by Bar0th Chickun/JustDoAsIDo may be reached at
  • Trader Protection by Khaine TFP 12 Slots Toolbelt can be disabled.
  • Trader Protection Khaine’s TFP Hornet Vehicle Damage Patch by Khaine
  • Zombie Fall Damage Patch by Khaine No Zombie Rage by mythix Ocb Pin Recipes 0.4.1
  • Modifications made by KillerBunny/Bar0th (Quality Rework) and Redbeard Scouts (Active Ingredients) (Mythix)
  • Menu’s patch for the Wandering Horde GameStage AH-64 Apache Helicopter by Zilox and Closer Ex Zilox
  • Advanced Forge and Advanced Chemistry Station



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