Darkness Falls V5.0: Community Digest

Welcome, survivors, to our latest community feedback round-up! We’ve delved deep into the Wasteland of opinions, plucked out the most resonant, and compiled them here for all to see. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

🔧 Patch Notes Highlights 🔧

  • Exciting speed boosts for block placement with Prefab Editor.
  • Enhanced experience with Tobi’s rifle tweaks and IDC’s trader waypoint mod.
  • Laser Workbench recipe revamped with intriguing portal power source inclusion.
  • Nighttime brings a twist with Gamestage & Loot bonuses. Beware the dark, explorers!
  • Titanium darts, demonic screamers, and the M4A1 sight fix! Oh my!
  • Balances include adjusting the stamina bonus, retooling crit resistances, and the rebirth of the DF 4.04 crowbar.
  • Those missing Darkness Falls specific options? We hear you.
  • And… so much more!

🔗 Check out the full patch notes for a deeper dive!

🌟 Community Shoutouts 🌟

Refugee: Loving the evolution of Darkness Falls! Minor hiccups with Action Skills books and Hunter Quest 5, but the love remains unwavering.

DJDaedrik: The co-op quest hiccup hasn’t gone unnoticed. Looking forward to that stable release magic!

Chale: Giving a nod to the improved zombie speeds but raising an eyebrow at the hazmat, hawaiian, and big mom alterations. Also, might we have a misplaced moe zombie audio?

🐛 Known Issues 🐛

  • As ever, localization quirks remain.
  • Custom loot lists for zombies are a work in progress.
  • A few more tidbits uncovered during streaming – check out the list here!

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