7 Days To Die vs Valheim

Survival games have long been a staple of the gaming community, and the rise of indie development has brought forth a variety of titles, each offering a unique spin on the genre. Two such games, “7 Days To Die” (7DTD) and “Valheim”, have captured players’ attention for their immersive environments and gameplay mechanics. Let’s delve into a comparison of these two titles.

Setting & Theme

  • 7DTD: Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with zombies, the game offers a bleak and decaying landscape, teeming with the undead and remnants of a world that once was.
  • Valheim: Transporting players to a Norse-mythology-inspired purgatory, this title showcases enchanting forests, vast seas, and mythical creatures, all wrapped up in a Viking theme.

Survival Mechanics

  • 7DTD: The central threat, as the name suggests, comes from zombies. Players face an ever-growing threat level, peaking every seventh day with a zombie horde. Survival depends on managing hunger, thirst, injuries, and, of course, the undead.
  • Valheim: Survival revolves around battling mythical creatures, building shelters, and sailing treacherous waters. Players must contend with health, stamina, and environmental effects like cold and rain.

Building & Crafting

  • 7DTD: Players scavenge materials from the ruins of the old world to create bases, tools, weapons, and defenses. The freedom in design lets players conceive intricate traps and fortifications against zombie assaults.
  • Valheim: Building is vital for survival against the elements and creatures. With a physics-based building system, players erect Viking longhouses, fortresses, and more. Crafting also extends to boats, weapons, and tools, each tied to a progression system.


  • 7DTD: Combat is primarily against zombies. As players progress, they face a more varied undead roster. Gunplay, melee combat, and traps become essential tools for survival.
  • Valheim: The combat is rich with a variety of weapons, from bows to swords to spears. Players battle against a host of creatures, including powerful world bosses, each presenting its own set of challenges.

Multiplayer Aspect

  • 7DTD: Whether collaborating with others to endure zombie nights, trading, or engaging in PvP, the game offers a comprehensive multiplayer experience.
  • Valheim: Players can team up in co-op mode to build, explore, and combat together. The shared Viking journey provides opportunities for epic sea voyages, boss battles, and base construction.

Graphics & Art Style

  • 7DTD: With a more realistic approach, the game offers detailed environments, showcasing the ruins of civilization.
  • Valheim: Sporting a unique low-poly style blended with atmospheric lighting and effects, it creates a mystical and immersive world that’s a visual treat.

Modding & Customization

  • 7DTD: With a thriving modding community, players can introduce new content, modify mechanics, or even transform their entire gameplay experience.
  • Valheim: While still in its early stages, the modding community is growing, promising a wealth of custom content and gameplay tweaks in the future.


“7 Days To Die” and “Valheim” are both remarkable in their own right, catering to diverse tastes within the survival genre. If a gritty, zombie-filled post-apocalypse appeals to you, 7DTD is a fantastic choice. For those intrigued by Viking sagas, mythical beasts, and a vast world brimming with adventure, “Valheim” awaits. Regardless of preference, both games promise an engaging and immersive survival experience.

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