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Sorcery for A21

The apocalypse has a new face: magic. With the A21 release of the Sorcery Mod for “7 Days to Die”, players are introduced to a world where the supernatural becomes the key to survival. Here’s a detailed look at what the Sorcery Mod A21 has to offer:

🔗 Installation and Compatibility: 🛠️

  • 🔄 Compatibility: The Sorcery Mod A21 seamlessly integrates with the A21.1 game version.
  • 📥 Download: Grab the latest “SorceryMod-Setup_Public.zip” file.
  • 📂 Extraction: A simple right-click and “Extract All” unveils the magical contents.
  • ▶️ Setup: “SorceryMod-Setup.exe” will guide you through, with the final spell cast directly from your desktop.

💡 Tip: Ensure your antivirus is disabled for a smooth installation. And for those in need of some magical guidance, the Sorcery Mod Discord channel is always there!

🌟 A21 Highlights: 🎮

  1. Optimization: Transitioning from C# DLLs to native XML boosts performance.
  2. 🎨 Visual Tweaks: Expect more realism with broken glass drops to pictures, mirrors, and cabinets.
  3. 🗡️ Weaponry Changes: Secondary weapons now benefit from A21 alterations.
  4. 🐇 Bunny Alert: Arcane and Unholy Bunnies are taking a snooze this season!
  5. 🎵 Mood Enhancer: Official menu background music to set the magical ambiance right from the start.
  6. 📜 Questing: A challenging Tier 6 Dark Worship Site Quest awaits.

📜 Terms of Use & Credit: 🖋️

Before you dive into the arcane arts, a few key things:

  • Rights & Propriety: All elements of the Sorcery Mod are the brainchild of Devrix. However, in a move showcasing community spirit, rights have also been granted to The Fun Pimps.
  • Redistribution Rules: XML code can be shared within the “7 Days to Die” community, but with certain conditions to preserve originality.

A magical nod to TFP for their continued commitment to the base game and to Patreon Supporters for fueling the mystical fires of the Sorcery Mod’s development.

💼 Feedback & Support: 💌

Constructive feedback? Bug encounters? Or just keen on a normal playthrough experience? Devrix and the community are always eager to hear from fellow sorcerers. And if you’ve found yourself enchanted by the mod, there’s a donation link to support Devrix’s magical endeavors.

🔗 Download Links: 📥

Embark on a journey where fireballs and zombies coexist, where elixirs might just save your life from a horde, and where the apocalypse isn’t just about survival – it’s about mastery over the arcane! 🧙‍♂️🔮🧟‍♂️

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