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7 Days To Die: I cannot connect to my server


I cannot seem to connect to my server after I did once. I am getting red text in my console in-game and am stuck on starting the game. The server says I am connected and my friends can join just not me. When I alt F4 I can see the game for a split second.


This would suggest that there is something wrong with your local client. Possibly your downloaded map is corrupt or some aspect of your Steam Installation has become corrupt over time. 1️⃣ Fix corruption in your installation: In steam library, right-click 7 Days to Die, choose the Local Files tab and click Verify integrity of game files.... This will fix any issues in your 7DTD install by re-downloading/replacing anything that’s different from the online game files.2️⃣ Fix corruption in your map/data files: Launch 7 Days to Die from steam and choose Show game launcherinstead ofPlay 7 Days to Die in the pop-up. In this launcher, select the Tools tab and click Clean game data..., then put a checkmark next to Discovered map of remote games and choose the option All maps (leave all other checkboxes blank) before clicking Clean.

[5:22 PM]⚙️ If these steps alone don’t fix the issue for you, then are you using an overhaul mod like Darkness Falls? If so, it’s HIGHLY LIKELY that you have not installed the mod correctly on your computer (TBH it is easy to mess this up, so don’t feel bad if you did). 📦 I’d highly recommend using the Mod Launcher for overhaul mod installation since it makes everything a lot easier, but using it will take up more of your harddrive space: http://7d2dmodlauncher.org/🛠️ If you’d prefer to not use the mod launcher, you’ll want to delete your last installation attempt and go through the install guide for the overhaul you’re working with again, but very carefully this time. If there are any steps you don’t completely understand, be sure to reach out to your buddies to confirm how they installed so they can help you with it 🙂

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