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7 Days to Die vs Dead by Daylight

“7 Days to Die” and “Dead by Daylight” are both popular games in the horror and survival genre, but they cater to very different gaming experiences. Here’s a breakdown comparing the two:

Gameplay Style:

  • “7 Days to Die” combines survival horror with open-world sandbox elements. It’s a game about resource gathering, building, and defending against a relentless zombie horde.
  • “Dead by Daylight,” on the other hand, is an asymmetrical multiplayer game. One player takes on the role of a killer, while four others play as survivors trying to escape.

Atmosphere and Setting:

  • “7 Days to Die” offers a post-apocalyptic world where players must scavenge and survive against both the environment and zombies. The game has a day-night cycle, with zombies becoming more aggressive and dangerous at night.
  • “Dead by Daylight” creates a tense atmosphere where survivors must stealthily navigate an enclosed area to escape the killer. The settings are varied, from eerie cornfields to abandoned asylums.

Game Objectives:

  • In “7 Days to Die,” players aim to survive as long as possible, fortifying their bases, crafting weapons, and exploring the world.
  • “Dead by Daylight” has a clear-cut objective – for survivors, it’s to repair generators to open exit gates and escape; for the killer, it’s to catch and sacrifice the survivors.

Multiplayer Experience:

  • “7 Days to Die” can be played solo or multiplayer. It’s about cooperative play, building together, and surviving the horde as a team.
  • “Dead by Daylight” is exclusively multiplayer, with a strong focus on competitive play. The dynamic between the killer and survivors is central to the experience.


  • “7 Days to Die” offers a procedurally generated world, making each playthrough unique. The building and crafting systems add depth and replayability.
  • “Dead by Daylight” keeps things fresh with different killers, perks, and survivors, along with various maps. The unpredictable nature of playing with or against other players adds to the replay value.

Skill and Strategy:

  • “7 Days to Die” requires resource management skills, strategic planning for base building, and understanding of the crafting system.
  • “Dead by Daylight” demands quick decision-making, understanding of each killer’s and survivor’s unique abilities, and strategic thinking to outsmart the opposing side.

In summary, while both games fall under the horror survival category, “7 Days to Die” is more about survival in an open-world setting with a focus on crafting and base building. “Dead by Daylight,” meanwhile, offers a more intense, competitive multiplayer experience where strategy and quick thinking are key to either escaping as a survivor or triumphing as the killer.

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