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If I change my map, will it delete all my player data?

If I Change My Map in 7 Days to Die, Will It Delete All My Player Data?

7 Days to Die is a unique survival horror game that allows players to explore, build, and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. One common concern many players have is the safety of their player data when switching or modifying maps. If you’re wondering about this, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll address this concern and provide guidelines on preserving your player data.

Changing the Map vs Player Data

The simple answer is: No, changing your map in 7 Days to Die does not automatically delete your player data. Your character’s experience, skill points, and inventory are stored separately from the world data.

What about the Player-Explored Map?

If you desire to reset the sections of the map that your player has explored, as well as the buildings, terrain, and loot containers within that section, you have an option. You can delete the chunk/region file. This action will effectively reset those specific areas to their original state as if they had never been explored or altered. However, it won’t affect your player’s stats, inventory, or progression.

Migrating to a New Map with the Same Character

Moving to an entirely new map but want to continue with your hard-earned character? You can! By copying the bunchofnumbers.ttp file for each character in the save game folder, you can ensure that your player data gets carried over to the new world you want to explore.

Managing Players on a Server

  • To Delete a Player: If you’re an admin on a 7 Days to Die server and you want to remove a specific player, it’s a straightforward process. Simply locate and delete all files beginning with that player’s SteamID64 in the world’s file location. Once done, restart your server to finalize the changes.
  • To Transfer Player Data: If you need to move a player’s data from one server to another, there are video tutorials available that can guide you through the process.
  • To Delete a Specific Player from Server: There are comprehensive articles available that walk you through each step to ensure a smooth removal of a player’s data from your server^6^.

Cleaning up Old Game Saves

Over time, you may accumulate several game saves. If you wish to declutter and delete old 7 Days to Die game saves, there are instructional videos available to guide you through this process.

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If I Change My Map in 7 Days to Die, Will It Delete All My

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