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Alpha Exodus: Leaving Early Access

The popular survival game “7 Days to Die” developed by The Fun Pimps, is finally exiting Early Access, a significant milestone that marks nearly 12 years of development. The announcement was made through a detailed video by TFP Co-Founder Richard Huenink, outlining the journey from alpha builds to the game’s full launch version, 1.0.

Exiting Early Access

After 20 major updates and extensive enhancements to gameplay, graphics, and performance, “7 Days to Die” has reached a quality and scope far beyond its initial conception. This progress has led the team to move out of Early Access and into a full launch. The transition includes a shift from Alpha 22 to Version 1.0 for both PC and consoles, signaling a new era for the game. The developers have expressed a strong commitment to continue enhancing the game post-launch, with a clear roadmap of free updates and potential features planned for the future.

Roadmap and Future Features

The roadmap for “7 Days to Die” is quite ambitious. While some features are still being polished for prime time, the game’s transition to 1.0 will not mark the end of its development. Upcoming updates are set to maintain parity across all platforms, including PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, with experimental builds still being released on Steam to refine new features before their stable release.

Price Changes and Kickstarter Goals

With the official launch, the game will see a price increase to $44.99 across all platforms, justified by the significant improvements and additional content added over the years. However, early adopters and current players will not be affected by this price hike, as they will continue to receive all updates for free. For new players, this price reflects the enhanced quality and vast content that “7 Days to Die” now offers.

The game’s Kickstarter campaign had set several stretch goals, which are being honored as the development continues. These features are expected to roll out post-launch, ensuring that backers receive all promised content.

Console Version and Crossplay

A significant update for the game is its console launch, set to coincide closely with the PC version. While crossplay with PC is in the works and awaiting certification, the console version will initially lack this feature at launch. Legacy console versions will not be upgraded to the new version, and existing saves will not be compatible due to the extensive updates.

Modding and Splitscreen Support

While the PC version of “7 Days to Die” has enjoyed extensive modding capabilities, bringing this aspect to consoles is challenging and remains under discussion. The console version will also not support local splitscreen due to technical and memory limitations.

Future Plans and Physical Editions

The Fun Pimps are not currently planning new console ports or physical editions at launch, focusing instead on digital releases and future patches that will introduce features like Random Gen and improve internet connectivity options for console players.

A Word from The Fun Pimps

The journey of “7 Days to Die” from a simple survival game in Early Access to a fully fleshed-out gaming experience is a testament to the dedication of both the developers and the community. As the game moves forward, The Fun Pimps assures players of their continued passion and commitment to enriching the game’s world and features. The community’s support over the past 12 years has been pivotal, and as the game embarks on this new chapter, it promises more thrilling survival challenges and enhancements for players around the globe.

“7 Days to Die” stands as a prime example of how Early Access can be a fruitful phase for games, allowing developers to mold their vision with direct community input, ultimately leading to a more polished and satisfying product.

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