War of the Walkers Mod – New updates


V20.6.2.2 Released onto Stable Branch


V20.6.2.2 Update Notes: (Experimental) 

-Updated NPC Mod for A20.6 Compatibility


V20.5.2.1 Update Notes: (Experimental) (New Game Recommended. Current saves may break after updating (More to do with Character Progression Loss)) (A20.5 Tested only. Has not been tested for A20.6 Experimental. That will be next update)

-Fixed broken localization 

-Changed Reduced hitpoints on treasure chests as well as loot room chests 

-Updated Trader Jay Model 

-Removed Stone Sledgehammer and Spear Perks (Items no longer locked by perk) 

-Updated HP on animals added through FantasticBeastz Modlet 

-Fixed wrong meat being dropped by animals from FantasticBeastz Modlet 

-Changed all ammo now stacks to 300 (With exception to explosive arrows/bolts and rocket ammo) -Fixed Steel/Tungsten Augers/Chainsaws requiring non-existent handlebars 

-Fixed Industrial_Castle2 Prefab sleeper issues 

-Updated Industrial_Castle2 Prefab 

-Fixed Surface Boulders giving experience cards without having to read Dwalls Books for it 

-Fixed Dwalls Books Pt.7 typo 

-Changed Small to X-Large Storage containers sizes so that the x-large no longer goes off screen -Changed Drinks now stack to 50 

-Changed Food now stack to 50 

-Changed Health items now stack to 25 or 50 

-Changed Crops/Ingredients to stack to 250 

-Fixed Golf Cart Accessories recipe issue

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