Apocalypse Now Mod – New update


V3.0.6 Stable

Note : 

– This Patch might Require a Fresh game

– Added the Shotgun Tube Extender Magazine Mod Recipe ( it was missing )

– Updated ZZ-Tong Prefabs to the Latest Version.

– Planted plants no longer drop seeds on Harvest.

– Legendary weapons now Shows up At +320 Loot-stage instead of 420 Loot-stage.

– Fixed a Bug where a tree shows up in middle of nowhere in servers and the player can’t hit it or do anything to it.

Fixed Few Wrong Localization for few perks Such as Living Off The Land 2 Out Of 3.

– All Bdubs Vehicles Has double the Durability Now.

– Tier 3 Grease Monkey Vehicles Crafted in Tier 2 workbench .

– Tier 4 Grease Monkey Vehicles Crafted in Tier 3 workbench.

– Added the Custom Seeds to be found in the trader and Vending Machine bunker – just to make the first quest of the farmer class easier .

– Lowered how much XP you need to level up , especially for Higher levels.

– Removed Yakov-Menu Music.

Small Patch for V3.0.6 :- Bdubs Vehicles was giving an error when you place the vehicle down . Fixed


  • Progression Tree Overhaul
  • Added Game-Stage Difficulty Bonus
  • Added Supply Drops, You can now call Airdrops
  • 7 new Classes “Engineer, Survivalist, Hunter, Medic, Farmer, Miner and Scavenger”
  • 144 slot backpack! 24 slot crafting queue!
  • Custom UI! Food/Water bars.
  • Increased zombie spawn/respawn rate!
  • Night time is now Hell. Don’t Blame Me if you died. ;p
  • Titanium Nodes added! Can be found in the wasteland.
  • Wasteland is now radiated.
  • Added The Horent Back
  • Disable the Zombie Rage
  • Added Pin Recipes Modlet
  • Added Active Ingredients Modlet
  • More crops! Grow Apple, Cherry, Banana, Coconut and Lemon trees, plus strawberries, cabbage, carrot, cucumber and tomatoes
  • Big list of melee weapons have been added, from Swords, Bats, Pitchforks, Maces, Frying Pan, Cleaver and more
  • Added New Custom Food/Drinks
  • Added Higher Tier Weapons and Tools
  • Added Scrap Tier Tools
  • Added 27 New item_modifiers
  • Legendary Tier weapons have been added
  • Gun parts are back
  • Added Bdubs Vehicles Modlet
  • Added 10 Maps With ZZ-Tong Prefabs
  • Added Stainless Steel, Titanium and Reinforced Titanium Blocks
  • Traders are Destructible and open all the time
  • Added New Ammo and explosives
  • Added Zombie Bosses Including the behemoth
  • The Candy is Craft-able Now
  • 8 new workstations, 2 Advanced Forges, 2 Advanced Workbenches and Advanced chemistry Station, Advanced Cement Mixer and Upgrade Bench
  • Added Research Desk

Classes Information

  • Engineer Class Training Grants you: Bicycle Chassis and Handlebars.
  • Survivalist Class Training Grants you: Cloth Armor Bundle.
  • Hunter Class Training Grants you: Hunting Rifle Bundle.
  • Medic Class Training Grants you: 4 First Aid Bandage, 2 First Aid Kit, 2 Painkillers, 2 Herbal Antibiotics and 2 Plaster Cast.
  • Farmer Class Training Grants you: Food Bundle 01.
  • Miner Class Training Grants you: Scrap Armor Bundle.
  • Scavenger Class Training Grants you: (150) 7.62mm Ammo, (150) 9mm Ammo and (150) Shotgun Shell.

To download click ​​Download.

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