Darkness Falls Mod – New updates


Darkness Falls V4.1.1-DEV-B2 is available for anyone who wants to poke at it! 

Notes for B1 and B2 as follows. 


– Fixed Master Survivalist not unlocking the titanium crossbow and bolts. Also fixed the localization and unlockedby. 

– Fixed the Hunter/Survivalist bow crafting tiers as they weren’t properly swapped over. 

– Fixed various medical item bundles giving back the wrong items/needing not enough items to make/bad localization. 

– Remade the paramedic kit again as issues with bleed were reported. 

– Ghillie Suit Hood is now properly locked. 

– Adjusted loot list of stumps. 

– Slightly adjusted loot list of army trucks. 

– Possibly fixed display disparity on broken leg (and other broken/sprained injuries). 

– Fatigued should no longer give players infinite stamina. 

– Remade VSmall2-PEP to fix the scout issue. 

– Fixed Baked Carrot cooking time so it’s the same as Baked Potato. 

– Added Grilled Tomato item. Works like Grilled Yucca. 


– Added ocbMaurice’s waypoint mod to allow players more waypoint icons that can also be coloured. 

– Added a hidden buff that kicks in from levels 2-10 to give the player a small amount of cold/heat resist to help out in the beginning. Amount decreases every level. 

– Renamed Knife Guy to Blade Guy and Blade Master to Knife Master to reduce “Will blade master work with spears” questions. 

– A few more PEP POI tweaks. 

– Succubus model replaced with a new one.


Darkness Falls V4.1.0

– Updated SCore to latest version as of 6th September.

– Large backend XML rewrite to make things easier for future alphas.

– Added grumpybeards fertilized crops fix.

– Added underground variants of cannabis and rice.

– Halved the range of Threat Assessment.

– Halved bonus rifle damage of Threat Assessment.

– Scrapped Scavenger class.

– Moved Charismatic Nature to Survivalist.

– Self Medicated has been added to Physician.

– Lucky Looter and Wasteland Treasures combined into 1 perk and added to Survivalist.

– Pistol and Knuckle Crafting bonuses from Scavenger added to Survivalist.

– Well Maintained moved to Laborer.

– Heavy Armor crafting bonuses added to Security.

– Titanium Machete unlock and crafting bonuses moved from Survivalist to Scientist so all bladed weapons are in the same place.

– Advanced Forge perk scrapped and added to Forge Ahead, which is now 3 levels. This means it can be unlocked with books.

– Added Tool Crafting 3 as a requirement for the Advanced Forge, but lowered the level requirement to 30.

– Fixed bug with Physical Conditioning maxing the players wellness at 400 at level 2 (which it shouldn’t do). Also food/drink will now work to get to 400 with this perk.

– Increased level requirement of Future Tech 1, but lowered the requirements of further levels so the perk can be completed by level 150.

– Fixed incorect clamp XP cost (should’ve been 75 instead of 50).

– Increased max level to 500 since people apparently wanted higher than 250.

– Slightly reduced XP gained from mining and uprading.

– Reduced amount of demon portals in the wasteland.

– Feral+ zombies are now more resistant to knockdown and shock.

– All behemoth-style zombies should now be immune to knockdown.

– Demonic Behemoth is now smaller so his fat ass can fit through doors.

– Some zombies had HP increased and some lowered to be similar to vanilla.

– Lowered the cost of making farm plots with fertilizer.

– Added farm plots to Basic Farming 3 so non-farmers can make them.

– Added a failsafe for a full suit of power armor to remove any fire buffs on the player just in case the immunity doesn’t work.

– White River Scout can now add 1 rep to all traders, per 5 quests done, up to 100 instead of 50 (+20 in total).

– Removed GS bonuses based on biomes.

– Removed loot bonuses based on biomes for desert and snow, and LOWERED the wasteland one from +100% to +50% as it’s still dangerous.

– Put back A19 gamestage scaling based on difficulty. This means Nomad is more like Warrior, Warrior is more like Survivalist, Survivalist is more like Insane… and Insane is… well… Insane.

– Removed the random locked/unlocked doors so POI’s should now work as intended.

– Fusion Forge can now craft Chemistry Station recipes to stop people asking for a bloody Advanced Chem Station.

– Laser Workbench should now properly be able to replace both the Metal Workbench and Workbench for crafting.

– Watch changed from a Survivalist locked item to a Tier 2 mod.

– Survivalist torch changed from a mastery item to unlocked when the class is completed (like the watch was).

– Added missing AP/HP steel ammo recipes.

– M4A1 craft bonuses moved to Security so all auto weapons are in the same place.

– Bow and Crossbow bonuses moved from Hunter to Survivalist.

– Master Survivalist now gets Titanium Crossbow and Titanium Arrows/Bolts recipes.

– All T3 ranged weapons (Sniper Rifle, Desert Vulture, M60, M4A1, SMG, Auto Shotgun) are no longer master locked.

– Rebalanced perk requirements for unlocking gun recipes. The level of perk now equals the tier of the gun (Pistol needs Gun Crafting 1, as it’s a T1 gun. Desert Vulture needs Gun Crafting 3 as it’s T3, for example).

– In line with the above, coilguns now require Gun Crafting 4, plus level 60 (first level) and level 75 (second level).

– Fixing Living Off The Land stacking with the Iron Hoe for stupid farming numbers.

– Tempered Blade no longer stacks with Diamond Tip mods.

– Fixed heat generation with the following silenced weapons: Desert Vulture, Black Sky, Winchester Rifle.

– Fixed some incorrect schematics in trader inventories.

– All traders should now carry general, basic building materials.

– Nurses and Strippers dropping silly amounts of bladed weapons has been adjusted and HOPEFULLY fixed.

– Survivor animations are fixed.

– Myth made my Quality Degradation code suck less, so this has been included.

– Added ocbMaurice’s paint brush mod.

– Bunker textures added to the paintbrush for people who may want to paint their base.

– Remade both the lab and the bunker with new blocks to help fix the “enemies can see through blocks” bug.

– Anna’s loot room is now fully locked up. Keycard required.

– Small bunker no longer has blocks you can break to sneak in without getting a keycard.

– Reduced damage of the crowbar.

– Added a damage increase for the crowbar to the Breaking and Entering skill.

– Tweaked the stun baton line damage progression.

– Slightly reduced the amount of bookcases that have books in the A18 Crack A Book POI.

– Flaming mods can no longer go in tools (wrench, axes, pickaxes, shovels) as this was not intended.

– Removed mobility penalty from power armor and increased physical damage resist from 11 per piece, to 12 per piece.

– Added the Custom Game Options mod kindly provided by wOOkie nOOkie. Many thanks!

– Screamer Horde zombie amounts are now configurable from the main menu.

– Wandering Horde zombie amounts are now configurable from the main menu.

– Wandering Horde min/max hours is now configurable from the main menu.

– Increased the base reload speed of the M60, which has now fixed the perk adding to reload speed… for some reason.

– Increased M60 base ammo capacity.

– Changed the M4A1 to use pistol muzzle flash since gun nuts were complaining it was wrong.

– Slightly increased the reload speed of pipe pistol, pipe shotgun and pipe rifle to make them a little more useful starting out.

– All T0 weapons and tools now have ONE mod slot to help out when starting. This does not increase with quality.

– Strippers should no longer drop a million knives and knuckles.

– Reduced the Pulse Grenade AOE to 5 blocks from 10 so players are less likely to kill themselves.

– Honey doesn’t give empty jars anymore.

– Removed empty jars from loot in line with expected A21 adjustments.

– Lowered the chance of finding boiled water, but increased the chance of finding murky water (again, in line with expected A21 adjustments).

– Cooking Pot and Cooking Grill can now only be found, when looting, in ovens (placed pots in POI’s still remain).

– In line with the above, shamway boxes are now more likely to have useable food/drink, along with seeds and cans of sham.

– Vending machines are now more expensive to purchase from.

– Sap no longer gives hydration, but the stamina regen buff now lasts for quite a bit longer.

– Forged Steel should now scrap for considerably less.

– Archery headshot bonus has been moved off Threat Assessment to the Archery action skill as discussed, starting at level 21.

– Drastically reduced the total time for infection to progress from 7 hours to 3, thus making it much more deadly.

– Snow now melts into murky water, not clean water.

– Reduced amount of gas found in cars and bikes.

– Increased amount of gas found in large vehicles, like the fire truck and garbage truck as an example.

– Cans of tuna/salmon can now be “opened” in the backpack for raw fish, which is safe to eat but gives less food.

– All recipes using tuna/salmon now use raw fish.

– Added a fish pie recipe unlocked with sous chef 3.

– Added “Slice of Bread” item. A loaf of bread crafts 8.

– Most recipes that need a full loaf of bread now use slices of bread.

– To help with confusion regarding coil batteries, they are now crafted in a bundle of 50 that the player must open, rather than the recipe looking like it only crafts one.

– Butchering and Mining/Tree chopping resource amounts should now be reduced from Warrior and higher. (reduction is 25% per difficulty, starting at WARRIOR)

– Laser weapons can no longer take silencers, because they’re lasers.

– Laser weapons now have a new mod: Thermal Cooling. This reduces heat and noise generation without changing the firing sound of the weapon.

– Blade Master no longer works with spears. Knife Guy and Bladed Weapons action skills still do.

– Spear Master perk line added. (this was Torqqed’s idea before anyone tries to say I did it because I like using spears!)

– Bandages and First Aid Kits (and equivalents) have been reverted to heal over time as this should allow them to work more consistently with the drone.

– Painkillers now heal 30hp instantly instead of 20 due to the bandage/first aid kit change. This may also encourage players to use them despite the water hit.

– Codeine now removes concussion.

– Fixed first aid and paramedic kits being unable to remove laceration.

– Increased prices of drugs.

– Fixed being unable to upgrade to quality 80 in the laser workbench.

– Fixed survivors being unable to hit things.

– Herbal and normal antibiotics now add more infection cure based on your level of physician.

– Painkillers and Codine now last longer based on your level of physician.

– Lowered the base bonus of fortbites and recog from 50% to 40%.

– Fortbites, recog and diazepam now last longer, and give an increased bonus, based on your level of physician.

– Vitamins do NOT benefit from physician as longer duration would ruin the ability to use them for wellness. This is intended.

– Antirad now has a longer duration, based on your level of physician.

– First Aid Bandages now stack to 10.

– Lowered requirements of Forge Ahead from 10/20/30 to 5/15/30 so Forge and Big Forge are slightly easier to get.

– Fixed several melee weapons attacking FASTER with power attack when they shouldn’t.

– Readded Can of Murky Water and Can of Boiled Water to help with early survival due to Boiled Water needing a cooking pot.

– Class quests that require the player to make Boiled Water have been changed to Can of Boiled Water instead.

– Nailbombs are now more dangerous.

– Schematics made for T3 guns and added to loot.

– Added tougher survivors for biomes beyond forest.

– Survivors now have a rare chance to spawn as a wandering trader. They carry some basic items, like food, drink, seeds, ammo, resources and books. Nothing OP, but you can sell to them.

– Added Quartz by Laydor.

– Added search fields to the backpack and storage windows. Searching an item will make others “disappear” from your bag if they don’t match. Deleting the search text makes them reappear. This is only visual, it does not delete the items.

– Added Xyth’s lockpicking modlet so it works more like skyrim rather than a timer.

– Added missing Expanded Seat mod for vehicles.

– Fixed backpack overlapping hotbar at 100% UI scaling.

– Fixed Titanium, Uranium and Plutonium not being able to drop rare ores with applicably high miner 69’er skill.

– Added new legendary item: Lucky Rabbits Foot (tool mod).

– Very slightly increased the damage of laser guns to make them a little more attractive to players.

– Legendary weapons no longer have tiers for effects, but have stats similar to what they would’ve had at level 80 to make them more appealing to players.

– Remade farm animals to fix NRE’s and for potential animal husbandry (cow, sheep, goat, boar only).

– Lowered amount of oil shale needed to make oil.

– Birds Nests and Trash Bags are now destroyed after opening/looting as players seem to like that.

– Added broken bicycle, minibike and motorcycle to the car random helper spawn list as rare spawns.

– Added vehicle repair kit. These aren’t cheap, but also aren’t stupidly expensive, and can be used to repair broken vehicles to get a useable version.

– Remade Succubus physicsbody and re-tagged all the bones so hitboxes now work properly.

– Added more scout quests for T2 or higher.

– Redid trader quest rewards to ensure that titanium and coil level tools/weapons now have a chance to be rewarded (mostly only at T5).

– Changed “empty” fruit trees to use UpgradeRated instead of PlantGrowing, so if they get smacked it shouldn’t cause the “indestructable tree” bug.

– Sledgehammer schematics should now appropriately unlock various levels of the sledgehammers perk.

 – Added a new item_modifiers by KySoto that fixes many of the reflex sights on DF guns.

– Legendary items can no longer be sold to traders as they weren’t supposed to be anyway.

– Lowered water amounts on the two bowls of water as they were higher than intended.

– Ghillie Suit is now item mods rather than seperate armor. Cannot be used at the same time as the radiation mods.

– Fixed Living Off The Land and Iron Hoe stacking issues. Again. Because 7DTD still can’t math.

– Scrap tool crafting can no longer be purchased. It is automatically granted to the player at level 5.

– Moved all “crafting” perks related to tools/weapons/etc off individual traders and onto the scout, so players can learn all perks just by getting scout faction. (10/20/30/40/50)

– Trader Caitlin now also teaches all “crafting” perks, and all class masteries. (50 rep required)

– Removed the scout from Caitlin’s prefab as it only offers an overlap of skills to teach.

– Anna’s locked room has been reinforced.

– Anna’s locked room now has a laser workbench.

– Jen no longer sells the laser workbench.

– Added Laser Spear.

– Added Power Fist.

– The “fittings” mods can now be installed in padded armor.

– Armor Specialist now applies it’s mobility reduction to padded armor (because I forgot to do that).

– Power armor no longer benefits from the mobility penalty and stamina penalty reduction of armor specialist. It DOES benefit from the degradation reduction.

– Radiation Ready mods have been moved off Master Scientist and to Science Crafting 5, because I meant to do that and forgot.

– Lowered mobility penalty of Radiation Ready mods from 3% to 2% so they can be offset with ski goggles or fittings mods.

– Science Crafting perk is now slightly easier to level. 10/20/30/40/50 instead of 1/10/20/40/80

– A lot of class specific perks that require level 20 to unlock have been lowered to level 10.

– Master Laborer is now level 40 in line with other masteries.

– Doubled the stack size of anti-rad pills.

– Increased drop chance of hazmat fiber.

– Resized a lot of textures for a lot of different items/blocks/zombies as there were WAY too many 4k textures. This should help with disk usage, RAM usage and possibly load times. (Saved arount 700MB to 1GB!)

– Slightly optimized above textures for better RAM usage.

– Reworked some iffy zombie textures so they look better.

– Small adjustment to beehive loot table.

– White River Quests now work and also shouldn’t be repeatable for infinite ammo.

– Added Bad Window Replace by Grumbleman/Games’n’Grumble because they asked me to take a look at it and include it if it seems good.

– Did some tweaking so rad display shouldn’t go higher than 100%.

– Desks and Chairs in the bunkers now give titanium like they were supposed to.

– Desks in the bunker no longer give leather.

– Scarecrow isn’t worth a ton to sell to traders anymore.

– Tweaked animal spawns for Forest/Desert/Snow so there’s more dangerous ones at night and less during the day (wasteland still sucks).

– Fruit smoothies now grant a water regeneration effect like the pear smoothie.

– Tweaked quality levels on trader rewards so guns/weapons/tools/armor aren’t drastically better than what you can craft but still useful.

– Armor spikes should no longer cause bleed on the player. Hopefully.

– Increased the damage of timed charges vs doors, safes and treasure chest so they should actually be useful.

– Rebalanced Hot/Cold buffs to be more severe like they were in A16.

– Added 2 new hot/cold effects, Heatstroke and Hypothermia.

– Rebalanced hot/cold resistances of clothes to make them similar to how they worked in A16 (so wearing a puffer jacket in the desert is bad).

– Increased the resistance granted by Insulated Liners/Cooling Meshes as they will now be more useful.

– Added level requirements to the level descriptions of various crafting perks, plus other perks.

– Lowered level requirements of lockpicking from 1/15/30/60/90 to 1/10/20/40/60.

– Black Sky should now correctly show attachments. Porkin’s does not as it requires a lot more work within unity.

– Re-added a recipe just for the lantern since people apparently don’t read.

– Being stoned from using cannabis joints will now allow you to ignore the effects of sprains/breaks (just like using steroids).

– Using a joint will now cure concussion.

– Tweaked trader lists a little so specific traders are more likely to carry specific tools. For example, Rekt is more likely to carry the Cooking Pot and Cooking Grill, while Joel is more likely to have Calipers and Tool and Die set.

– Added custom C# code by FuriousRamsay that SAVES the locked slots so players don’t have to re-enter it all the time. (Be aware it changes the number if you lock vehicle slots too)

– Double doors in the bunkers are now properly closed.

– Double doors in the bunkers open when unlocked and remain open until the player closes them, rather than unlocking, open and then instantly close (not the intended behaviour, but an improvement).

– Added Baked Carrot (works like baked potato).

– All legendary items can now drop from any treasure chest (the buried ones) or air drops.

– Diamond Tip mod now reduces enemy armor on hit, like the spikes mod for the club.

– Lowered knuckle damage due to high attack rate and knockdown chance.

– Increased the damage bonus from installed mods from 5%/mod to 15%/mod for legendary items. This also increases attack speed (melee) and reload speed (ranged) by the same amount per mod. This should offset the damage lost from them not being tiered but requires the player to do some work.

– Fixed the missing quest reward display on the mythix shades.

– Changed the poncho to use cloth instead of leather as that makes sense for something designed to keep you cool.

– Added a failsafe to codeine to make the player immune to stun while active, like it should be.

– Animals now drop baby animals again as animal husbandry has been cobbled together into a very basic form since players seemed to want it.

– Removed loot ID numbers from loot.xml as they are no longer needed. This may improve modlet compatibility.

– Fixed Caitlins quest list.

– Fixed spawners using wrong texture id’s.

– Fixed the scout taking money off you and not teaching you gun crafting because you already know it.

Darkness Falls Mod available with M plan (https://7d2d.net/services/1/buy?plan_id=2) or L (https://7d2d.net/services/1/buy?plan_id=3) or XL (https://7d2d.net/services/1/buy?plan_id=4).

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