Sorcery Mod – New updates



• Added: Unique Fire POI (T3).  

• Added: Unique Lightning POI (T3).  

• Added: Arcane Trader Quests for all new POIs.  

• Added: New Sorcery Weapons for each vanilla Attribute! 

• Added: New Wand Weapon – Instant-Casts Spells and Nova! 

• Added: New Claw, Dagger, Polearm, Scythe and Sword Weapons!  

• Added: Fire, Ice, Lightning Elixirs now also craftable at Ritual Station. 

• Added: New Spell -” Omni Spell” to all Spellcasts!  

• Added: New item – “Grimoire” teaches Spell or Skill.  

• Added: Grimoires: Omni Spell, Omni Arrow, Ritual Station, Arcane Familiar, Omni Pack.  

• Added: Omni Elemental Immortal Summon. 

• Added: Incantation – Omni Elemental Summon.  

• Added: Omni Spell/Arrow auto-summons an immortal Elemental to assist for a time.  



• Fixed: POI Crystal Lights generated Heat (screamers).



• Added: New Crystal Resources (10k Essence Bundles, Lights/Heat) 

• Added: Placeable Crystal Lights (Requires Essence Crystal) 

• Added: Unholy Debuff to Unholy Blocks. 

• Added: New Elemental Block Shapes: 1/2, Plate, Sheet, Cylinders: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, Ramps, Stairs. 

• Added: Unholy & Holy framework; imprinting, scaling and item mechanics implemented. 

• Added: Elemental Block Shapes Variant Helpers (one block per Element to choose Shapes) 

• Added: Elemental Blocks are now upgradeable to 3 additional stages! 

• Added: All Elemental Spell Trap variants to damage Player (POI). 

• Optimized: Fallen Camp POI lights and shiny material causing minor lag. 

• Optimized: Ice Castle POI further optimized and cheesing prevention. 

• Optimized: Staves and Spellcast Lights further optimized. 

• Optimized: Reduced Sorcery Download by several hundred megabytes. 

• Changed: Sorcerer Desk Book updated. 

• Changed: Loot adjustments on Bunnies. 

• Changed: Hidden Essence added to Elemental Trees. 

• Changed: Floor Traps (POI) misaligned when triggered. 

• Changed: Unholy Blocks don’t deal damage. 

• Changed: Fire Shrine wrong color theme. 

• Balanced: Elemental Ores changed to be rarer. 

• Balanced: Omni Ore spawns changed to be very rare. 

• Balanced: Elemental Block Debuffs now have a cooldown to prevent self-procs. Use Spell Traps for guaranteed devastation. 

• Fixed: Unholy Block Frames can’t be upgraded. 

• Fixed: Dormant Workstations in POIs could be picked up. 

• Fixed: Entity Ice Debuffs weren’t proccing Freeze on Player. 

• Fixed: Certain visual FX disappearing prematurely from Player/Entities. 

• Known Vanilla Bug: Elemental Blocks failing to block Line of Sight to Player (reported and fixed in future 7d2d build).

Sorcery Mod available with M plan (https://7d2d.net/services/1/buy?plan_id=2) or L (https://7d2d.net/services/1/buy?plan_id=3) or XL (https://7d2d.net/services/1/buy?plan_id=4).

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