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This is a 7D2D mod developed by KhaineGB to address a few "problems" that he, his wife, and several friends perceived the game to have. He discovered that he really enjoys modifying, so he has expanded on it quite a bit. The goal is to prolong the early game so that you take longer than usual to reach Iron and Steel.

He's also tried to add some realism by hiding a lot of recipes behind benefits, because most regular people wouldn't know how to do/make those things.

Also, he began playing in Alpha 8, thus he wanted to try to bring back some of the era's features. Hub city, jagged rocks, and sticks are some nice examples, and he wants to try to add additional gameplay elements from that era. He will also attempt to introduce additional zombies/enemies in order to make the "final game" more tough.

Darkness Falls New Updates


  • There are eight classes to choose from, each with six quests!

  • 96-pocket backpack! Crafting queue with 12 slots!

  • Custom User Interface! Food and water stations are located close to the hotbar.

  • Increased the rate at which zombies spawn and respawn!

  • The night is now perilous. The ferals emerge to play...

  • Zombie Behemoth (both male and female) has been added!

  • Scrap Iron Tools have been added. Iron necessitates level 15.

  • Titanium has been added! Found as trophies, both beneath and above ground. Made into tools, weapons, and blocks.

  • The novels Forge Ahead and Leather Tanning are back! (Also available as a perk)

  • Wrench is now a perk and a schematic, however it can only be built and repaired with Iron.

  • All common books have been added as bonuses, giving you the option of finding the book or spending the money.

  • Action abilities have returned!

  • Skill books for all 100 level skills have been included.

  • A generic skill point book has been introduced so that you can earn skill points in a variety of methods.

  • Notes on ability! Is there a recipe you already have? Scrap it and turn it into a skill note, which you may then turn into something more useful.

  • Increased yields! Grow apple, banana, and coconut trees, as well as wheat, carrots, and tomatoes!

  • More food, please! There are far too many to mention, but bread is now an option.

  • Clay bowls are making a comeback, and they're being used for more than just gorgeous plants!

  • Small Engines and Lead Batteries That Can Be Made!

  • Several new weapons! P225 Pistol, AR-15 Automatic Rifle, Winchester Rifle, and Combat Shotgun, for example.

  • Making firearms! Gun parts have returned and must be made using the unique, one-of-a-kind Lathe.

  • Cloth fragments can now be used instead of feathers by arrows. Sticks and Sharp Stones have also reappeared!

  • Ovens and sinks that work! Both varieties are craftable, so choose the one that best suits your kitchen.

  • 5 new workstations have been installed. The Advanced Forge (which is required to manufacture steel but does not require fuel! ), the Mortar and Pestle, and two workbenches! There's also the uncommon, loot-only Lathe!

  • A stone hammer has been added. It qualifies as a construction tool. Only used for repairing and upgrading.

  • Lockpicks have been added! You can now pick the locks on all safes and most doors.

  • Steel crossbow with steel, explosive, and titanium bolts has been added. Scopes are available for both crossbows.

  • A combat axe has been introduced. There is also a titanium variant available.

  • Traders are no longer safe! Take care of your neighborhood business!

  • Guards have been added to the trader, along with a Guard Captain NPC!

Integration with SDX

  • AnimationSDX support has been enabled, allowing custom models to be added, rigged, and animated in-game.

  • On a farm, plants (not trees) now REQUIRE water to flourish! They will continue to spawn in the world with no problems. They must, however, have water within 4 blocks of them (in any direction, even beneath) or they will perish. Water must also be replenished.

Darkness Falls on dedicated servers

Our plans M,L and XL include Darkness Falls mod hosting. M plan is just $9.99 / mo!

At this price you are getting an automated Darkness Falls modded server.

1-Click Setup: 20.6 + Darkness Falls 4.10

We offer server hosting with Darkness Falls mod integrated. All you have to do is to click a button to enable it. We keep it up to date, so once

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7 Days To Die Darkness Falls ModPack

20.5 is used as a base installation, then it will automatically download and install Darkness Falls for you. Please visit Darkness Falls homepage to read Terms & Conditions before you install it from here.

To use this modpack you need to mod your local installation too. Please check details at https://7daystodiemods.com/darkness-falls-mod

Please ensure that you have 3.4 version installed locally.

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