Darkness Falls Mod – Amp Up Your 7 Days to Die Game with This Overhaul Mod

One of the most popular 7 Days to Die mods is the Darkness Falls mod, and for good reason. Not only does it beat out the few overhaul mods out there, but also it amps up the game’s challenge factor by a lot.

Whether you’re tired of playing the same game over and over or you’re looking to broaden your appreciation of the modding community, this fantastic mod should not be skipped.

What is Darkness Falls Mod for 7 Days to Die?

According to the modder, Khaine, the initial idea for the Darkness Falls mod was to fix certain aspects of 7 Days to Die they wanted to improve. Then, the project improved in scope leading to this total overhaul mod that significantly alters both the flow and the way the game can be played.

Today, it’s one of the most popular mods that overhaul the game. It’s primarily aimed at veteran 7 Days to Die players who’ve outgrown the base game and are looking to spice things up a bit.

How Does Darkness Falls Mod Change the Game?

Darkness Falls Mod For 7 Days To Die

As a total overhaul mod, Darkness Falls significantly changes the base game. All of the foundational vanilla elements, including surviving, building and upgrading a base, gathering loot and resources, and, of course, fighting against hordes of zombies. However, that’s where the similarities end.

Darkness Falls primarily aims to steepen the learning curve by dragging out the early stages of a game. In other words, it’ll take you far longer to reach the Iron and Steel phases. The mod also comes with a robust class system, and a perk revamp. Darkness Falls achieves a higher level of challenge by adding some realism to the mix. For instance, some crafts require a specific class and/or perk to unlock.

What Does Darkness Falls Mod add to the Game?

A more pertinent question would be, “what doesn’t it add?” as the mod goes quite in-depth in terms of overhauling the game.

Player Classes

Darkness Falls Mod For 7 Days To Die

The addition of classes is one of the most noticeable additions of the Darkness Falls mod. After installing, you can choose from eight distinct archetypes, each with its own set of six quests. By completing these missions and class mastery, you gain access to specific recipes and items:

  • Civilian Class
    • Gains quest rewards like painkillers, flashlight, bicycle, and murky water
    • Class mastery has no extra perks
  • Farmer Class
    • Class quest rewards include blunderbuss, iron hoe recipe, boiled water, and Sous Chef perks
    • Class mastery grants the following recipes:
      • Wheat Seed Recipe
      • Carrot Seed Recipe
      • Tomato Seed Recipe
      • Banana, Orange, Coconut, and Lime Tree Recipes
      • Grandpa’s Awesome Sauce Recipe
      • Grandpa’s Moonshine Recipe
      • Grandpa’s Learnin’ Elixir Recipe
      • Beer Recipe
      • Roast Dinner Recipe
      • Blueberry Pancakes Recipe
      • Banana Pancakes Recipe
      • Banana Bread Recipe
      • Orange Marmalade Recipe
      • Orange Tea Recipe
      • Meat Bolognaise Recipe
      • Veggie Bolognaise Recipe
  • Hunter Class
    • From quests, you gain access to pipe rifle, scrap machete, huntsman and stealth perks
    • Gaining class mastery earns you the following:
      • Titanium Machete Recipe
      • Titanium Combat Axe Recipe
      • Steel Crossbow Recipe
      • Titanium Bolt Recipe
  • Laborer Class
    • Through questing, you gain nailgun, boiled water, and some crafting perks such as Hammer and Forge perk
    • Achieving class mastery gets you the following:
      • Titanium frame recipes for building bases
      • Titanium bar recipes (normal and centered)
      • All Titanium tools (Hammer, Fireaxe, Pickaxe, Shovel, Auger, Chainsaw)
  • Mechanic Class
    • Completing its quests will grant you a wrench item, first aid bandages, and salvage operations perks
    • Through class mastery, you’ll gain the following:
      • Motorbike + Parts Recipe
      • 4×4 + Parts Recipe
      • Oil Pump Recipe
      • Steel Wrench Recipe
      • Car Battery Recipe
      • Small Engine Recipe
  • Scientist Class
    • Finishing its quests will earn you a scarp machete item, boiled water, self-medicated perk, and physician perk.
    • Reaching class mastery will grant you the following:
      • Antibiotics Recipe
      • Painkillers Recipe
      • Paramedic Kit Recipe
      • Codeine Pills Recipe
      • Acid Recipe
  • Security Class
    • Rewards from its quests include pipe pistol, pain tolerance and flurry of blows perks.
    • Achieving class mastery will earn you the following:
      • Titanium Armor Recipes (Chest, Boots, Gloves, Legs, Helmet)
      • Titanium Spiked Club Recipe
      • M4A1 and all parts Recipes
  • Survivalist Class
    • Rewards from its quests include painkillers, watch recipe, scrap fireaxe, pickaxe, and shovel recipes.
    • Making it to class mastery gets you the following:
      • Titanium Machete Recipe
      • Survival Torch Recipe
      • Radio Recipe
      • Jerky Recipe

Other Notable Additions

Darkness Falls Mod For 7 Days To Die

Darkness Falls is a pretty large mod with many additions and changes to the game. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the most notable additions:

  • 96 slot backpack and 12 slot crafting queue
  • Custom UI, including Food and Water bars next to the hotbars
  • Zombie spawn and respawn rates increased
  • Nighttime has become considerably more dangerous
  • New enemies, including male and female versions of a Zombie Behemoth
  • Iron requires level 15
  • Titanium and Scrap Iron added
  • Common are also perks so you can choose how you want to progress your character
  • All 100 level skills have their own books
  • New crops to grow, such as apples, wheat, oranges and coconuts
  • More food added, including bread
  • A host of new guns and weapons, including the AR-15 automatic rifle and Combat Shotgun
  • …and a whole lot more!

Darkness Falls Mod Tips & Tricks

As we mentioned above, the primary aim of Darkness Falls is to give you a more significant challenge in 7 Days to Die, especially if the base game isn’t quite cutting the mustard anymore. That being said, it feels like going from a regular action RPG to Dark Souls in terms of difficulty spike.

So, we’ve gathered a few tips and tricks to help ease you into this fantastic way to play the game:

  • Do the class quests as soon as you can. Our class section notes that they grant you perks and items that help you progress through the mod. On top of that, completing each quest rewards you with a free skill point.
  • Keeping yourself nourished in the early stages is quite challenging. Baked potatoes and grilled Yucca are easy food items to make as the ingredients can be found everywhere.
  • While the mod does add lockpicking, you don’t quite need them that much when you have a crowbar. One swing destroys locks, so carry one with you at all times.
  • Demons are some of the most troublesome foes you’ll encounter due to their high health regen. Using high DPS weapons will help cut them down more efficiently. Tack on a Blessed Metal Mod, and you’ll have a solid demon-slaying tool in your hands
  • Fruit trees need no ground treatment or tilling. This makes them a far more reliable source of drink to keep your nourishment up. It beats lugging around heaps of boiled water any day of the week.

Darkness Falls Mod Updates


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