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Farm Life Expanded

Farm Life Expanded

FarmLife is a mod that adds extensive, you guessed it, farming and cooking. It uses a few of the vanilla items, but largely depends on its entirely new set of custom items.

It adds seeds (including trees and herbs), animal pens, work stations, and recipes. As the recipes are often multi-step, it can be hard to figure out what you can cook.

My aim is to create this guide as a quick reference when deciding on recipes, crops to grow, or which crafting station/tool combos to prioritize. Have fun!

Farm Life Expanded on dedicated servers

Our plans M, L and XL include Farm Life Expanded mod hosting. L plan is just $17.99 / month!

At this price you are getting an automated Farm Life Expanded modded server.

1-Click Setup

We offer server hosting with Farm Life Expanded mod integrated. All you have to do is to click a button to enable it.

We keep it up to date, so once it comes out we upgrade the version. You don't have to maintain it yourself.

See how easy it is to activate it.

7 Days To Die Farm Life Expanded ModPack

19.6 is used as a base installation, then we will automatically install Farm Life for you. Please visit Mod's homepage to read Terms & Conditions before you install it:

To use this modpack you may need to mod your local installation too. Please check details on:

This is our patched version working on client-server configuration.

Note, you need M, L or XL plan to run Farm Life.

How to set up Farm Life Expanded 7D2D server?

Get a 7D2D Server with Farm Life Expanded Mod

... and play!

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