Our Approach

We target our offer to gamers, who don't want to waste their time struggling with servers. Dedicated game server hosting has been around for about a decade, but we still are hearing that it is too difficult and too cumbersome to use. Our objective is to create a dedicated hosting rental service that provides a smooth experience and ideally requires very little to no interaction from the user. Everything either works out of the box or is a matter of a click. We are not there yet, but we are advancing fast!

1-click setup mod packs

We offer integrated overhaul ModPacks (Darkness Falls, War3zuk and Ravenhearst) as 1-click add-ons.

Darkness Falls Dedicated Server Hosting War3zuk Dedicated Server Hosting

You can learn more about us. You can see how it works.

We support latest 20.x version and we keep version up to date.

7D2D 19.5 Dedicated Server Hosting


We have dedicated servers rental in Canada/North America, USA/Oregon, Germany/Europe, Australia. We provide dedicated server hosting close to you to achieve low ping latency.

7D2D in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and France

Instant Setup

Your 7D2D server will be automatically installed, set up, started and ready for you to play in less than 3 minutes after you have completed your payment. Instant hosting. No hassle. If you want to switch from a vanilla 7 Days To Die to some mod-pack, all you need is to enable it in the panel (1-click add-on).
The process itself is documented here.

In our custom-built admin panel for 7D2D we expose all configuration parameters available in game files. Manage your settings in control panel and have them instantly applied. In the admin panel you can manage the game settings.

Demo of our 7D2D server hosting service


We host game servers on strong dedicated (bare metal) machines. We use Intel Xeons with 128-256 GB RAM dedicated servers with Linux. All to make your experience smooth and flawless. We keep multitenant environment and monitor servers constantly. We don't limit memory or disk space.
Our network is fast and stable. We rely on premium hosting providers. Your games will never lag.
Our servers are protected against DDoS attacks by our hosting provider. Enjoy the game and don't worry about DDoS attacks anymore!

BTW, Your server will get a banner similar to this one:
7 Days To Die Server Hosting Rental

We also maintain a list of best public 7d2d servers. We also host public servers. Check them out.

Hosting Plans

We have plans that develop progressively. You can start with the S plan if you just need a vanilla 7D2D server. In this plan, the assumption is you don't need to do anything with it except for simple management actions like start, stop etc. It is a cool way to start and check our service out. Also, it is freakin' cheap. Best price for the buck!

If you plan on modding your server, upload custom maps and/or have more than 8 players, you need something bigger like M or L. In these plans, you can also use Darkness Falls Mod-Pack. Note, our ModPacks are integrated for you as 1-click setup. You click a button and it gets installed for you. M costs as much as a Big Mac. You shouldn't hestitate.

For the most demanding players, we have the XL plan which has hardly any limits. On top of it, you are getting Darkness Falls, War3zuk and Ravenhearst (as 1-click setup)!

All plans include support. We never leave you alone.

Admin Panel

We provide our custom admin panel. It was built to fit the 7 Days To Die game best.

Maps & Random Map Generation

maps random map generator random map generator nitrogen kinggen seeds

Mods & ModPacks

We support regular mods/modlets like the ones you can download from Nexus. They are just a zip we import and extract under a dedicated directory.

We don't support Mods which are de facto special 7D2D distros. Popular server management mods like Botman or ServerTools come as an example. On top of that, they conflict with the core assumptions of our model.

We also support selected overhaul mods aka Mod-Packs (at this point: Darkness Falls, War3zuk and Ravenhearst). These mod packs we maintain and assure they are compatible with the core game server version.

Admin Panel for ModPacks and 7D2D Distributions

Darkness Falls ModPack Server Hosting Darkness Falls ModPack Server Hosting Darkness Falls ModPack Server Hosting

Darkness Falls

By far the most popular mod we offer!

Darkness Falls ModPack Hosting Darkness Falls ModPack Hosting Darkness Falls ModPack Hosting


War3zuk ModPack Server Hosting War3zuk Falls ModPack Server Hosting War3zuk Falls ModPack Server Hosting


Check out our 7D2D Wiki. We have also some good content on 7D2D Mod Launcher, server commands, Nitrogen , KingGen and more.