KingGen - New Random World Map Generator for 7D2D

KingGen as a Service

Why KingGen?

  • Even on old machines, KingGen is amazingly fast (4-10x).

  • The created worlds (maps) are stunning, with massive mountains and sprawling cities.

  • There is no repetition in the placement of biomes.

  • Deserts and snow never touch. KingGen is entirely dependent on noise; no stamps are used. This means that no two lakes or mountains can look the same.

  • Custom heightmaps are supported.

  • Custom POIs are supported.


./KingGen [world name] [seed] [size] | more

For more use -h

Great alternative to Nitrogen and native 7D2D RWG (Random World Generator)!

UI view

KingGen Random World Generator for 7D2D

Sample 7D2D world map

KingGen Generated Map

6/27/2021 - Version 0.11.0 released!

Here is what's new:

  • Fixed error with CLI on Windows

  • Fixed bug with preview generator and water level

  • Fixed bug with roads

  • Added coordinates to preview

  • Added poi names to preview

  • Updated vanilla poi list to A19.5

  • Added crash log to tools

  • Added rgb heightmap support

  • Added community heightmaps download button

  • Preview now appears in editor after being generated from tool

  • Improved road generation (still work in progress, however large worlds, like 16K, should be faster to generate now)

  • Added option to load pre-generated world into editor

KingGen v0.11.1 for 7 Days to Die A19.5

Download | Mirror

KingGen Map Generator Service

Also see Nitrogen.