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KingGen is a map generator for 7 Days to Die which replaced Nitrogen (Project is discontinued).

Why KingGen?

  • Even on old machines, KingGen is amazingly fast (4-10x).

  • The created worlds (maps) are stunning, with massive mountains and sprawling cities.

  • There is no repetition in the placement of biomes.

  • Deserts and snow never touch. KingGen is entirely dependent on noise; no stamps are used. This means that no two lakes or mountains can look the same.

  • Custom heightmaps are supported.

  • Custom POIs are supported.


./KingGen [world name] [seed] [size] | more

For more use -h

Great alternative to Nitrogen and native 7D2D RWG (Random World Generator)!

UI view

KingGen Random World Generator for 7D2D

Sample 7D2D world map

KingGen Generated Map

6/27/2021 - Version 0.11.0 released!

Here is what's new:

  • Fixed error with CLI on Windows

  • Fixed bug with preview generator and water level

  • Fixed bug with roads

  • Added coordinates to preview

  • Added poi names to preview

  • Updated vanilla poi list to A19.5

  • Added crash log to tools

  • Added rgb heightmap support

  • Added community heightmaps download button

  • Preview now appears in editor after being generated from tool

  • Improved road generation (still work in progress, however large worlds, like 16K, should be faster to generate now)

  • Added option to load pre-generated world into editor


KingGen is incredibly simple to download and use. You don't have to worry with Java installation. You may alter the terrain and biome characteristics, configure the number of POIs and Traders.

It will construct a new terrain and set the POIs automatically. The POI placement seems very natural.This tool employs random forms for biomes and bodies of water for considerable variation.

KingGen is an excellent map generator combined with the Compo pack that was built for it. While it doesn't have the vast settings menu of NitroGen, you can see that the author has left room for expansion.

KingGen v0.11.1 for 7 Days to Die A19.5


Download KingGen

KingGen Map Generator Online

Also see Nitrogen.