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Welcome to the 7 Days To Die server list. Find all the best multiplayer servers for 7D2D. 7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that combines the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, RPG and Tower Defense style games.

Server Name Address Players Status Country 7D2D Version Map
The Big Dingus Club 0/10 Online Alpha.19.3.6 Navezgane
[EU][No][Ded][PvE] Bluelight's 7DtD server 0/8 Online Alpha.18.0.155 Wameze Territory
Darkness Falls - DanPhoenix 0/18 Online Alpha.19.3.6 DFalls-VSmall1
7DaysToDiePolska 5/20 Online Alpha.19.3.6 Hezuwu Mountains
7 Days To Die BG SERVER 0/8 Online Alpha.19.4.7 PREGEN03
7 Days To Die 0/8 Online Alpha 16.4 Navezgane
JaWoodle Legends 0/16 Online Alpha.19.4.7 JaWoodleA19
Welcome to Zombieland 0/8 Online Alpha.19.4.7 Pregen02
[AU-PVP]-WalkingCheddar 1/20 Online Alpha.19.3.6 NitroGenMap4
Meh Squad 0/8 Online Alpha.19.3.6 PREGEN03
aCw /PvPvE/Dead By Nightfall 0/30 Online Alpha.19.3.6 Navezgane
Vaki's 7 Days of Torture 0/8 Online Alpha.19.3.6 Dopuho Valley
Clearwater United 0/10 Online Alpha.19.4.7 RainbowButterfly
7 Days To Die 0/8 Online Alpha 16.4 Navezgane
COWARDS LIVE FOREVER 0/8 Online Alpha.19.3.6 Old Fenake Valley
Next Days #3 CZ/SK PvE 0/16 Online Alpha.19.3.6 Navezgane
Vikingstephano Community Server 0/10 Online Alpha.19.4.7 Navezgane Navezgane - EU 0/16 Online Alpha.19.3.6 Navezgane
England's 7days to Die Palace 0/8 Online Alpha.18.0.152 PREGEN03
Notorious Days 0/8 Online Alpha 16.4 Random Gen
LuvShack Falls 0/12 Online Alpha.19.3.6 North Jiyawo Mountains
My Game Host 0/12 Online Alpha.19.4.7 Navezgane
Wegolen's PvE Server 0/10 Online Alpha.19.3.6 Biriwo Valley
7 Days To Die 0/8 Online Alpha.19.3.6 PREGEN02
The Other Island [Defcon 6] 0/15 Online Alpha.19.0.180 Navezgane

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This is a calculated value out of weighted: availability, number of connected players and version currency on the server. Simply the best servers are always available, many players connect and play and the is new, current version installled.


Address is typically a concatenated pair of IP address and port like In most cases it is suitable to provide it. Sometimes it is IP address and port separated.


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Server name is just a string, but typically contains some metadata. That may be e.g. country like [AU], some parts like '| Modded' indicating the setup and/or version '19.4 Stable'. You may find some interesting information in there.


Country is indicated by a flag (sometimes also in the name). It is important that you are as close as possible to the server. The further you are, the higher is latency and thus the worse your game experience.

7D2D Version

Version on 7 Days To Die server may be incompatible with your client version thus causing unability to play.


Map tells you what world is loaded on the server.