7 Days To Die Alpha 21

📢 A21.2 Stable Update Announcement

7 Days to Die's A21.2 Stable release, timed for the Thanksgiving weekend, introduces exciting updates. Key features include new death penalty options such as Classic, Injured, and Perma-death modes, enhancing gameplay variety. Players can now lock inventory slots for better management of essential items like Ammo and Medical Supplies. Additionally, the update improves the drone's functionality with fixes for lost drones and enhanced pathing, ensuring smoother in-game experiences. The Fun Pimps extend Thanksgiving greetings and invite players to explore the full changelog for a detailed overview of all the new changes.

📢 A21.1 Stable Update Announcement

Hello Survivors! 🧟

The Fun Pimps are thrilled to bring you the official launch of A21.1 Stable. Here's a snapshot of what's been added and changed:

🆕 Added:

  • New POIs like Tier 5 hotel_ostrich.

  • Nest Audio for open/close/destroy actions.

  • Tools for streamers: Price changes and resets for Twitch actions.

  • Several gameplay additions: from loot tags to game event requirements and more.

Note: To enjoy new POIs, you'll need to create new worlds.

🔧 Changed:

  • Modifications on various assets like chainlinkGateDouble.

  • Cooldown extensions for supply crates and vision effects.

  • Major updates to loot lists, sleepers, trader settings, and more.

🐞 Fixed:

  • Multiple bugs from player movement, pathing issues, to localization errors.

7 Days To Die Alpha 21 Release

7 Days to Die Alpha 21 Release Date

7 Days to Die Alpha 21 was released on June 12, 2023, after an 18-month wait since the last major release in December 2021. The update includes more polish, optimizations, quality-of-life improvements, new content, new features, and new gameplay systems than ever before. The release of Alpha 21 is experimental, but players can play it on Steam after changing a few settings. The update is a major milestone for the game and will bring in new players as well as old ones. The release date for Alpha 21 was announced on June 6, 2023. The changes coming to Alpha 21 are thorough and all-encompassing, with a wealth of new content arriving soon.

What are some new features and gameplay systems introduced in 7 Days to Die Alpha 21

7 Days to Die Alpha 21 introduces several new features and gameplay systems, according to the search results:

  • Armor: The update includes new Iron Armor[1].

  • Drinking Water Rebalance: Murky water is the only water found in loot[1].

  • Spears: The update includes new Spear weapons[1].

  • Factions & Story: The update introduces new factions and a story mode[1][2].

  • Steam Workshop Support: The update includes support for Steam Workshop[1][2].

  • Random World Generation: The update includes a new random world generation system[3].

  • New Locations: The update includes new locations to explore[3].

  • Danger Meter: The update includes a new danger meter that increases as players progress through the game[3].

  • Trader Redesign: The update includes a redesign of the trader system[3].

  • New Shapes: The update includes new shapes for building[3].

  • Workstation Updates: The update includes updates to workstations[3].

  • Environmental Water: The update includes new environmental water systems[3].

  • Shadows and Lighting: The update includes improvements to shadows and lighting[3].

7 Days to Die Alpha 21 introduces a wide range of new features and gameplay systems that enhance the game's survival, crafting, and exploration mechanics. The update includes new weapons, armor, locations, and building options, as well as improvements to existing systems such as the trader and workstation systems. The addition of factions and a story mode also adds a new layer of depth to the game's narrative.

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[2] https://7daystodie.com/a21-official-release-notes/

[3] https://thenerdstash.com/how-to-play-7-days-to-die-alpha-21/

What are some new locations introduced in 7 Days to Die Alpha 21

7 Days to Die Alpha 21 introduces several new locations to explore, according to the search results:

  • New Random World Generation: The update includes a new random world generation system, which generates new locations to explore[1][2].

  • Trader Locations: The update includes new trader locations to visit[1].

  • New POIs: The update includes new points of interest (POIs) to discover[3].

  • New Biomes: The update includes new biomes to explore, such as the Wasteland biome[4][3].

  • New Prefabs: The update includes new prefabs, which are pre-built structures that can be found in the world[3].

7 Days to Die Alpha 21 introduces several new locations to explore, including new biomes, POIs, and prefabs. The new random world generation system also generates new locations to explore, making each playthrough unique. The addition of new trader locations also adds more variety to the game's economy and trading mechanics.

[1] https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZF07_k7WrUY

[2] https://thenerdstash.com/how-to-play-7-days-to-die-alpha-21/

[3] https://youtube.com/watch?v=Z8XpHF_7lc8

[4] https://screenrant.com/7-days-die-alpha-21-roadmap-updates-features/

A21 7D2D Release

RELEASED !!!! Go for it!

Update: As per the TFP team - the planned day is the 12th June 2023.

The Fun Pimps Team has made a triumphant return with the highly-anticipated Alpha 21 release for 7 Days to Die. After months of dedicated effort, this version brings an unprecedented level of polish, optimizations, updates, quality-of-life improvements, and thrilling new content.

Alpha 21 is the biggest and most impressive release yet, introducing a plethora of new features and gameplay systems. Whether you're a newcomer or a returning player, this update promises an unforgettable experience. As the team strives towards the Gold Version, their unwavering commitment and iterative development approach have resulted in an extraordinary achievement.

With an already solid foundation, this update takes the sandbox, survival, simulation, RPG game genre to new heights. The Fun Pimps dream big and understand that greatness requires time and dedication. They invite players to join them on this remarkable journey.

The Fun Pimps Team takes immense pride in their work, pouring their passion into every detail. They sincerely hope that players enjoy Alpha 21 as much as they have.

Release Notes

Latest A21 DEV Stream:

A21 7D2D Release

Latest A21 DEV Stream: Watch

7 Days To Die Alpha 21 Release

At this time, there is no word on when 7 Days to Die: Alpha 21 will be available. There hasn't been much information released regarding the next content drop because the last one is still fresh in everyone's minds and the Christmas break is just around the corner.

Considering how frequently the game has been updated over the previous two years, we may assume that we'll be waiting a long time for the next update.

In the past several years, big upgrades have been released around once a year, with smaller repairs and improvements making up the rest.

This means that 7 Days to Die Alpha 21 won't be available until the end of 2022 at the earliest, but even then, it's a stretch to think it will. We're more likely to witness a decrease in 2023, if not sooner.

It has also been working to increase the size of its crew, which might lead to a faster rate of updates. As soon as we have formal confirmation on the topic, we'll update this item accordingly.

That's all we know about the Alpha 21 release date for 7 Days to Die. Steam Early Access is actively working on the game's PC version.

For the time being, we recommend that players stay current with the game's current version, Alpha 20, and any smaller updates that the creators issue during the year 2022.


  • New Places of Interest

  • Updated and New (Decorative) Vehicle Models

  • Additional Advanced World Generation Options

  • Biome Percent Sliders

  • Learn By Looting System

  • 23 new skills to govern crafting (photo in gallery below)

  • 23 new magazines added to loot

  • Perks no longer unlock recipes or govern crafting at all

  • The only schematics that still unlock recipes are mod attachments.

  • Crafting skill is increased by finding and reading magazines

  • Skill increases unlock recipes at certain points as well as increase quality of crafting for items with quality

  • Each tech level has a separate range in the skill spectrum so that you have to work up through primitive tech and then iron tech and then steel tech and being able to craft a blue stone axe no long means you automatically can also craft a blue iron axe.

  • Some skills have 100 levels but others have less depending on how many unlocks there are for recipes and quality tiers.

  • A new skill page showing your progress has been added to the player interface (photo in gallery below)

  • Skill magazines can be found, bought, and/or received as quest rewards. The topic of the magazine matches the location you would expect to find it in the world.

  • Perks now govern the probability of finding like-themed magazines and parts for those recipes. Perk into shotguns and you will notice more shotgun magazines and shotgun parts appearing in the world

  • When you max out a skill, the probability bonus granted by perks for finding the corresponding magazine for that skill drops off. The magazine will still show up randomly in loot but no longer have a boost. The probability boost for finding matching parts will remain.

  • Interactive Environmental Hazards

  • Flaming broken gas pipes blocking the way. A valve to turn off the gas flow is located elsewhere.

  • Doors

  • Double Doors

  • Partially damaged doors with large holes can be shot/meleed through to damage enemies on the other side

Suggestions from us

These are the steps we believe the developer should do in order to proceed with the project:

Continue to concentrate on improved resource-saving strategies to improve performance. Imagine how much better this game would run on a PC if it had a mobile version. If you or your business managed to pull it off.

Focus on fluid mechanics and realistic animation.

Even with the visuals turned all the way up, they're already impressive in certain parts. Because of this, it is more vital to aim for RDR2-level animation and physics, even if you don't have access to motion cap, as the final objective. Make the most of your limited resources by employing cost-effective strategies.

There should be enough content added to the game so everything done by humans can be created by your character. Even the most complicated machines can be built by a single human, but they can only be made better by other machines. As a result, our world's technology should be able to progress from the Stone Period to a future sci-fi/supernatural age. To create alloys and composites, we need to add more ores.

Graphics: Record as much real-world data as possible, then tweak it just to make it seem better without increasing the amount of resources required. Just some basic code. Like you always have, keep your sights set on the real world.

The science of human mutation and zombie parasites may be found in sci-fi. Don't make it safe and dull like Marvel does with Sci-Fi; instead, base it on what's conceivable like they do. So that we might continue to grow into a mutant superhuman that, when maximized, is essentially indestructible, immortal. At a bare minimum, I believe the maxed-out player should be modeled as Maestro Hulk or Professor Hulk.

The system of muscle, fat, and weight. When you're done with this in-depth task, you're done. Eddie Hall and Illia Gollem are examples of players that have a sluggish build and eventually reach their full potential (Biggest muscle athletes on earth). However, we should be able to realistically acquire or reduce fat while maintaining this muscle. As a starting point, you may just mimic RDR2's weight scheme. It may take a long time, but great things take a long time.

If you don't want the game to seem like a simulator, consider adding less realistic alternatives for those who prefer a less immersive experience. So that you may also satisfy those who desire a more game-like experience.

As a last remark, I'm aware that the game is going in the direction of a simulation, and I'm sure you're already working on most of this things. Just make sure you have that end goal for this game in mind. Please keep making more profitable games and expanding your company/s, since this is the finest survival game out there. Thank you for your hard work.


The release date for 7 Days to Die: Alpha 21 has not been announced. This might lead to a more rapid pace of updates from game developers as they grow the size of their team. The PC version of the game is currently being developed through Steam Early Access. You may improve your craft skills by locating and reading crafting periodicals. As a result, the odds of locating similar-themed periodicals and components to use in these recipes are influenced by perk.

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