7 Days To Die Alpha 20

Alpha20.5 Stable Released



Server browser now shows warning when results hit the search limit

Localization files are tested for a valid header line and show appropriate errors


Removed EAC compatibility warning on Windows 11


  • Voice comms fail for player who was voiced in multi player party who then leaves game to main menu then rejoins game and party

  • Voice chat fails to initiate for latest joiner to the party

  • EAC error after entering server password

  • Reenabled player reporting

  • UserDataFolder and SaveGameFolder did not allow gamedir relative paths

  • PartSpawn in POI Marker doesn't pull parts from mod folders

  • XUi FilledSprite view not properly updating on position changes

  • Drone causing excess data in player data .ttp file on dedi

Alpha20.4 Stable Released

Alpha20.4 Stable Released

Alpha20.1 Stable Released

Alpha20.1 Stable Released

Alpha20.1 B6 Released

Alpha20.1 Released

Alpha20 Stable Released

Alpha20 Stable Released

Alpha20 B237 Released

Changelog A20 b234-b237


  • Shape MaterialHitpointMultiplier scales a blocks upgrade, repair and harvest values

  • Block LODCullMin to override culling minimum (2% default).

  • part_trader_tile_filler_03


  • Adjusted AI destroy area values

  • Switched the capsule collider to a box collider and adjusted the size to prevent floating arrows on large ammo piles

  • Set landmines to .1% min cull

  • Block shapes with 25% and 50% HP are now back to 100%

  • Suppressors attached to pipe pistols now suppress

  • Suppressors attached to .44 magnums now suppress, a little

  • Reduced sleeper count in volume in rwg_tile_countrytown_intersection

  • Updated part_trader_tile_filler_01, removed player sleeping bags and replaced them with the POI versions

  • Fixed

  • Car block can throw error when exploded

  • AI not attacking when blocked above a ladder

  • Regression in vehicle headlight toggling with a controller

  • Reduced AI trying to crouch when pushed into walls

  • AI uncrouching when someone above them which could push them through colliders

  • NRE ItemActionEntrySell HandleRemoveAmmo with a junk sledge when selling

  • Rwg_tile_gateway_cap with new part_trader_tile_filler_03

  • Terrain and road bumps in Navezgane.

Alpha20 B233 Released

Changelog B232 & B233


Coffin/Casket open & close sounds.


  • Clamped item stack counts to 65535 when saved

  • "DecorateChunkOverlapping biome null" warning to show chunk

  • Improved path node penalty clamp and added log

  • Updated metal hit metal and metal destroy sounds

  • Dynamic mesh default to land claim only


  • Several pipe weapons have random stats. No primitive items should have any.

  • animalZombieDog sticky projectiles offset from model

  • Block preview displays wrong rotation for cupboards

  • Fixed missing texture in house_modern_05

  • Explosions still destroy water and drop the block

  • Damaging volume enemy from outside a sleeper attack volume did not wake the volume

  • Sticky Crossbow Bolts are floating

  • Sticky Arrows are penetrating too far through zombies

Alpha20 Released

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Alpha20 Released

Alpha20 New Release Date

Official A20 Release Notes

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Alpha 20 - 7 Days to Die News – Nov 10 Final Dev Stream – Defects, Release Date , & Streamer Weekend

7D2D A20 Hosting

Seven Days to Die If it is dedicated, community is everything. It can withstand long periods of inactivity between big releases while waiting for the next game to be launched. The release date of Alpha 20. One year after the last significant update to the Early Access title, it appears that players may be rewarded for their patience.

7 Days to Die, a survival-horror zombie game, was released as a playable alpha on Steam in 2013. Despite being in alpha and offering a very filled out – albeit imperfect – experience, the game has become one of the genre's defining games throughout the years.

The Fun Pimps, a 7 Days to Die developer, has launched a new series of Alpha 20 dev livestream. During their debut webcast, they will provide some specifics regarding the long-awaited release date as well as other information.

Despite the fact that the game has been out for nearly a decade, players are startled to learn that it is still in alpha. Despite years of patches and enhancements, the game remains in alpha rather than beta.

Although the developers have yet to commit to a specific release date for 7 Days to Die's Alpha 20, they are expecting to bring it out on the experimental branch around Halloween, with the main launch following later in 2021, according to Reddit. These are not definitive dates and may change, but they may indicate that we are getting closer to testing the upgrade.

The developer invested in expanding their workforce to 60 people. Over the past year, 90 percent of its staff was also assigned to the update. It intends to go gold with 7 Days to Die in 2022.

You may watch the two-hour-long dev stream to learn more about 7 Days to Die's Alpha 20 content. There's a lot to see, such as updated zombie models, tougher survival rules, random generation tweaks, and more.

7D2D A20 Hosting 7D2D Alpha 20 Dedicated Hosting

It's also likely that the unusually long alpha will end with them pushing directly into a playable complete release rather than beta. Given that the game is already more popular — and has a longer lifespan – than most betas, it would make sense.

And what happens if it doesn't? Should players brace themselves for another nearly decade-long beta? Will the final release of 7 Days to Die take until 2030, when the developers must recreate the game from the ground up to adapt it to the modern era?

During the stream, they had various glitches and crashes, and they also indicated that certain equipment was not yet connected (restore power quest for instance).

It appears like streamer weekend is still a few weeks away, but we'll see. It would be fantastic to have a Halloween surprise. Unless something game-changing is revealed, experimental will always come after the streamer weekend.

They were shooting for the experimental build to be available by Halloween and stable before new years if I recall from their dev stream a month or two ago.

They stated that they had 127 major bugs to fix before releasing the experimental version, which they hoped to do by Halloween, which is in 11 days. I'd say add a few days and you've got two weeks!

Plans for Alpha 20

Unity engine update

  • The developers will work directly with the developers of Unity

Random Generation Update

  • New tools that will allow artists to place mountains, hills, rivers, etc. in biomes. There will be several different terrain features to choose from in the game

  • Additional options in the map creation interface that will allow players to define mountainous terrain and lowlands

  • Option to change the intensity of biomes and cities on the map

  • planned map sizes 6, 8, 10 thousand km

  • The city square system places them randomly in the spaces that are assigned to them along with the streets. Multi-layer for sewer systems below building level and with the option of terminating one of the fields to match with the adjacent field so that everything is generated and looks consistent and aligned.

Vehicle modifications

  • Mask paint that allows the vehicle owners to distinguish between vehicles

  • Fuel saving

  • Off Road Lamps

  • Compressor

  • The Enlarged Seat allows 1 passenger on the Minibike and Motorbike and 2 additional seats in 4 × 4

  • Spare Fuel Tank

Shape and Build UI update

  • Shapes are shown as shaded block drawings

  • The blocks in the shapes menu are placed as block case particles, which function the same as the block frame

  • Simplified upgrade path: Frame / Particle Board> Wood> Stone> Concrete> Steel

Changes for the world and players

  • Changes to the distance view for players' forts

Micro Splat fixes

  • Better mixing / blurring of the terrain

Detection by Zombies option

  • When turned on, Zombies can sense the player from much further away and stay focused on the path to the player

  • Sneaking still works, but the zombie's senses are sensitive, so stealth is more challenging

  • The settings are: Off, Day, Night, All

Biomes difficulty

  • In Winter and Desert, the game level will be higher, creating stronger enemies and better loot

  • The Wasteland will have a much higher level of play along with stronger enemies and much better loot


  • Tube Rifle

  • Tubular gun

  • The stick from the Pipe

  • Tubular Shotgun

  • Tubular Machine Gun

  • Tubular weapons are created from a backpack without the required scheme

  • Lever Rifle Level between Pellets and Snipers

  • Many weapons have been reworked for an apocalyptic look

Character remake

  • Zombies will wear clothes typical of a given house, not completely random

  • Full outfits with clothes will work like books. Wearing a full set will grant a skill bonus

  • Current 10 armor / clothing slots reduced to 4

  • Base for Bandits

New places

  • New Gas Station (discovered during the Restore Power mission)

  • Over 145 new places with many objects and ambient decorations

  • New locations for Levels 3, 4 and 5

  • A lot of the basics have been updated

Mission Improvements

  • Missions with Digging fixes

  • The Level 3 Digging mission has been added

  • The Tutorial mission uses lanterns to mark nearby caches and stones

Improvements to AI and Sleeping Zombies

Zombies can crouch and crawl through places less than 2 meters but more than 1 meter

Wandering Sleeping Zombies - Shifted to Alpha 21

Power Restoration Mission

  • The lights go out when the highlighted marker is activated

  • Find the generators and repair them

  • Switch lock system with several actuations like a wajchy.

New Zombies / Enemies

  • Hugh the merchant

  • Nurse

  • Drone

  • Screamer

  • Fat policeman

  • Burned Zombies (cold, hot and on fire)

  • Zombie with a Hood

  • Lumberjack

  • Irradiated Zombies with an AoE attack

  • All basic zombies have been converted to the HD version

  • All merchants have been converted to HD version

  • Bandit models for the A21 were launched

Integration with Twitch

  • Streamer and Viewers can interact through the game

Chat commands to help or harm the streamer

What's coming, but no information yet: Fixes for animation, digging missions, dynamic music, leveling up progress, water rework, merchant to merchant progress.


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7 Days to Die Official

Alpha 20 Dev Diary


The Fun Pimps, a 7 Days to Die developer, has launched a new series of Alpha 20 dev livestreams. The survival-horror zombie game was released as an alpha in 2013. Despite years of patches and enhancements, the game remains in alpha rather than beta. 7 Days to Die's Alpha 20 features updated zombie models, tougher survival rules, random generation tweaks, and more. Likely alpha will end with them pushing directly into a playable complete release rather than beta. The developers had 127 major bugs to fix before releasing the experimental version.