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Welcome to the 7 Days To Die top server list. Find all the best multiplayer servers for 7D2D. 7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based, sandbox game that combines the best elements of FPS, Survival Horror, RPG and Tower Defense style games. With the help of our TOP multiplayer servers list, you can search for and locate the finest 7 Days to Die server.

Server Name Address Players Status Country 7D2D Version Map
TheWalkingZed X | A20 | PVE 300% 27/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 TheWalkingZed
Skynet Midgard a20 - Medium PVE - wiped 12/17 24/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 Midgard
TheWalkingZed XL | A20 | PVE 300% 30/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 TheWalkingZed
TheWalkingZed Slaughterhouse | A20 | PVE 300% 40/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 TheWalkingZed
Skynet Vikings a20 - Easy PVE - wiped 12/17 5/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 Vikings
Skynet Valhalla a20 - Hard PVE - Wiped 12/17 20/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 Valhalla
[Latino]Hooligan Force A20 T6!![16/12] 13/20 Online Alpha.20.0.238 HF5
THE 7 LEGIONS Infected | PVE | A20 | XP300 23/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 PREGEN8k
THE 7 LEGIONS Biohazard | PVE | A20 | XP300 30/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 PREGEN8k
[PVE] Green Island A20 5/30 Online Alpha.20.0.238 HNY22
第七仙界1.5.1A20先行测试版 大背包高倍搜刮 16/60 Online Alpha.20.0.238 PREGEN8k
[PVP] [EU] [21.01.2022] PoBx Server 3 - 300% XP and loot 20/100 Online Alpha.20.0.238 PoBxV5
WeTestStuffHere 0/40 Online Alpha.20.0.238 Cetoiru County
BOZLAND 11/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 Kubixe County
BRAINDEAD | 500/500 | MODDED 0/1000 Online Alpha.20.0.238 WIPED 28-12
Grim's Hell (A20 wiped 12/6/21) 10/30 Online Alpha.20.0.238 South Picejulu Territory
TheWalkingZed PVP | A20 | 500% 22/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 TheWalkingZed
[ESP] [PVE] Blendios del Bisalia 0/60 Online Alpha.20.0.238 Nueva Iberia
[往日不在]12月22日新开PVE生存建筑服 4/50 Online Alpha.20.0.238 PREGEN8K
Hawks Nest [PVE] wiped 1-1-22 9/20 Online Alpha.20.0.238 PREGEN10k
[JP]TOKYO2022 SERVER[PVE]HARD+MODS 0/30 Online Alpha.20.0.238 Yoluzi Territory
请搜索《QZ 1.23新开》进行游戏 0/30 Online Alpha.20.0.238 养老服
RelaX-PVE №2 0/25 Online Alpha.20.0.238 Tepuzo Mountains
[萌新]新开长久纯净服务器(群99947398) 9/40 Online Alpha.20.0.238 PREGEN10k

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Address is typically a concatenated pair of IP address and port like In most cases it is suitable to provide it. Sometimes it is IP address and port separated.


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When playing with a big number of people in the same virtual environment, a server is necessary. If you choose, a server hosting company may host your servers for you. There are only 8 officially supported servers in A19, although some sites can hold up to 30 people. As a result of the enormous number of people that utilize these servers, there are increased worries about playability.


Country is indicated by a flag (sometimes also in the name like DE, AU, CA, FR etc). It is important that you are as close as possible to the server. The further you are, the higher is latency and thus the worse your game experience.

7D2D server version

Version on 7 Days To Die server may be incompatible with your client version thus causing inability to play.


Map tells you what world is loaded on the server. See what maps are and how you can generate them.