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    Nightmaaron Aaron "Nightmaaron" is a horror gamer from Indiana. Playing and supporting indie developers and helping the indie gaming community. I would love to build a friendly and engaging community with viewers that enjoy my content. I also do reviews, silly videos, and some giveaways. I hope to brighten up someones days with my videos or help you get past something you are stuck on. I am open to suggestions for content also. I am not a pro gamer so please do not expect me to be. I am doing this for fun and a hobby. Also a member of the "Idiot brigade". Please recommend games you would like to see me play! Check me out on Twitter @nightmaarongame on Instagram @nightmaaron and on facebook @nightmaaron! Please subscribe if you like what I am doing and want to stay up to date on my videos! Join my discord at https://discord.gg/fGxATsB

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