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7 Days to Die

7 Days has been credited with defining the survival genre and boasts sales of over 14 million copies. The game’s crafting and world-building features are unparalleled. 7 Days is an open-world game that combines first-person shooters, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing games in a harsh post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead. The game’s setting is referred to as “7 Days after the end of the world.” It does this in a way that has elicited a passionate response from fans all over the world and incorporates character development, fighting, crafting, looting, mining, and exploration into its gameplay.

There are a lot of 7 Days to Die servers out there, and most of them have active player communities. The following are some of the most popular community servers for 7 Days to Die:

  1. The Fun Pimps Official Server: This server is run by the developers of 7 Days to Die and features a variety of game modes, including survival, hardcore, and creative.
  2. 7DTD-Community.com: This server is run by a community of 7 Days to Die players and features a variety of game modes, including survival, hardcore, and creative.
  3. 7 Days to Die ALPHA 20: This server is run by a community of 7 Days to Die players and features a variety of game modes, including survival, hardcore, and creative.
  4. 7 Days to Die | The Walking Dead: This server is based on the popular TV show and features a survival game mode with a focus on surviving the zombie apocalypse.
  5. 7 Days to Die | IndustrialCraft: This server is based on the popular Minecraft mod and features a survival game mode with a focus on building and crafting.

These are just a few examples of the many 7 Days to Die servers that have a strong community of players. It’s important to choose a server that has a community of players that you enjoy playing with and that offers the game modes and features that you are interested in.

Best Servers with Features

Which 7 Days to Die servers are the best? You can choose your favorite server from this list of 7, and your buddies can also select the server they wish to play on. These servers all separate from the competition thanks to their distinctive features. Some are PvE-focused, but others are PvP-focused or frequently host entertaining events. Which of these seven servers would you advise your friends to use? Let’s discover them.

  1. Salty Zombies

The survival server Salty Zombies is unique! We have established a set of regulations based on player input. Those who violate them will be prohibited from playing; those who adhere to them will benefit from our welcoming community and abundant resources.

  1. Fortnite Zombies

Do you enjoy parading about your neighbourhood in outrageous clothing and shotguns? Do you like having fun while hanging out with friends and making new friends? If so, you ought to give Fortnite Zombies a try. Zombies have taken over the map, and you must utilize your skills and tools to exterminate them. Staying alive is the only objective. Everyone will have a blast here, making it a terrific spot for friends and family.

  1. Dead Bolt Gaming

Deadbolt features PvE and PvP components. Players can group together in clans or other groupings. Players must construct their own structures to defend themselves from zombies and other players who wish them harm.

 The player is in charge of keeping up their structures so they don’t have to worry about them being plundered by zombies or another player who would love nothing more than to steal all their laborious, time- and effort-intensive efforts put into building up their structures. You can’t just walk into a clan; you must abide by specific laws. You won’t be granted access if you don’t abide by these guidelines.

Best Community 7 Day to Die Servers
  1. Skynet gamers

Few mod packs have been able to win the hearts of us older players in the same manner as Skynet has. This is a resource-based game as well as a game of skill. Your world will be one where everything has worth, whether it be something you can use or something someone else needs. 

This is because practically everything you do requires resources (mining, crafting, and hunting). The players begin with nothing more than their boots and their wits, and through cooperation and tenacity, they carve out a living on top of a harsh landscape.

  1. E Pick Gaming

E Pick Gaming is seven days die server that prioritizes being a fun time overall. The server’s guidelines are straightforward: don’t cheat and treat other players with respect. Scatra founded the server because he desired a location where you could construct with little hindrance from others.

 E Pick Gaming is the place to be whether you enjoy player-made towns or simply wish to protect one. Everyone can obtain a weapon that utilizes unlimited ammo on a server that is filled with personalized items.

  1. Dead Zone

A multiplayer survival server called Dead Zone emphasizes building and exploration. You are free to explore the newly created landscape after a meteor decimated the world. There are also a lot of established towns and camps where you can build alliances with other people. 

For those who like to hunt, there is plenty of wildlife can choose from. You can also use vehicles like Jeeps and dune buggies to transport goods between settlements. Finding your way around isn’t too difficult, but trying to avoid getting killed while traveling might be challenging!

  1. Primal Rage Gaming

Primal Rage is a strict-regulations vanilla survival server with a welcoming community. One of the first servers on seven days to die, it’s clear why: Primal Rage is one of my favorite active 7d2d servers thanks to its solid leadership, ongoing development, fantastic features, and friendly community. I appreciate how busy they are in creating new things because I’m a survivalist myself. 

We’re all aware of how many bugs may be a problem when playing these kinds of solo or multiplayer games, but 7 Days is renowned for having many more flaws than other online games. Primal Rage, however, actively keeps up with bug solutions in a way that many forums of similar nature are unable to do.

The Key Takeaways

People from all over the world share a common passion for playing video games. It is not uncommon for players to run into other enthusiasts while playing a video game; however, in order to truly form connections and integrate themselves into the larger gaming community, players typically move on to other websites that place a greater emphasis on discussing their experiences.

Gaming communities can benefit from third-party websites that give players a place to interact with one another, share ideas and strategies, and discuss topics of common interest.

The true value of gaming communities lies in the fact that they provide players with a venue in which to interact with one another. These websites have the potential to develop into significant social and support networks, and they were especially helpful to young people who were forced to relocate as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic.

If a young person is having trouble making friends at school or in real life, gaming communities can be a place where they can go to feel more at ease and be themselves. Participating in a community that acknowledges and appreciates one’s unique interests and abilities can be an effective way to boost one’s sense of self-worth.

Join one of the 7 Days to Die-dedicated servers I mentioned earlier so you can start making friends and having meaningful conversations with people who share your interests.

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