How To Install Mod Launcher for 7 Days To Die

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You’ve exhausted your vanilla game options in Seven Days to Die. You’ve now invested 500 hours or something like into alpha 20, and you need something new to push you. Additionally, you want to test out some of the good seven-day-to-die-like mod overhauls available.

What is 7DSD Mod Launcher?

The 7D2D mod launcher makes it three times easier to play your favourite 7 says to die mods while automatically updating them for you. It provides a straightforward, more accessible way to look for and explore new changes.

The mod launcher 3. x modification has been completely redone in unity to be compatible with Linux, macOS, and Windows. Only Linux and Windows are now known to be in use, while MacOS is mainly theoretical.

How to Download the Mods 

Therefore, we’re going to demonstrate today how to use the mod launcher to install those mod overhauls for a week. We should point out that there are additional methods for installing mods for Seven Days to Die before we start. Other options exist. You can get the mods directly by visiting GitHub and Nexus. This is the simplest method I’ve found to apply mod updates and censor us at all for us.

How To Install Mod Launcher
How To Install Mod Launcher

Simply click the download button in the top right corner to finish.

Following that, you’ll have three alternatives here. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS are available. Therefore, feel free to download whatever.

Go to your downloads folder and wait for the file to finish downloading for 30 seconds. Once it has been downloaded, all that is left to be done is to open the folder.

Right-click it and choose to extract. Therefore, that will extract the executable. You’ll only have to wait for that to extract; after it does, this folder will be created. Once it’s opened, all you have to do is click the mod launcher button, which is located here.

You only need to double-click that, can also shut down your browser. You are no longer in need of that. Once the mod launcher has loaded, it will bring up the window and present you with the interface.

How To Install Mod Launcher for 7 Days To Die

Features of the 7D2D Mod Launcher

The features of the mod launcher are effortless and simple to use and make your gameplay more exciting. These are:

  • It makes it simple and quick for you to find and install new mods.
  • It separates your mod installation to prevent issues with other hauls.
  • It self-updates to the most recent version.
  • Every time you play, it automatically updates the mods, but you can also choose to keep using your current version.
  • Using the built-in modlet management tool, you can personalize even overhauls.

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