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Undead Legacy for A21: What Gamers Need to Know

Hey fellow survivors!

If you’ve been scavenging the wastelands of the internet searching for info on Undead Legacy‘s compatibility with Alpha 21 of 7 Days to Die, look no further. Here’s the scoop on what’s coming:

  • The Big Update: Hold onto your combat boots because Undead Legacy is gearing up for A21 with the shiny title “Undead Legacy 2.7”. And guess what? The moment it’s ready and kickin’, it’s dropping as an experimental version for all of us to dive into.
  • Progress So Far: The grind to update UL 2.7 for A21 started a fortnight ago. And while putting a timestamp on the apocalypse is tricky, there’s hope we might see the light by month’s end.
  • Feature Talk:
    • Learn by Looting: Word of advice? Don’t sweat it. The feature is more tangled than barbed wire, so it’s being left out in the cold.
    • Water Dynamics: Good news! Your empty containers aren’t going extinct. Water’s going to behave just like we know it in UL. And there’s a whisper about future updates letting us pour into various barrel blocks and liquid containers.
    • Prefabs/POIs: A21’s thrown a whole lot of new props our way. Integrating them? Well, that’s a boss battle on its own.
    • Vehicles: A21’s got a garage full of new vehicle props. While most aren’t for us to ride, there’s some buzz about a secret police car feature. Buckle up!
    • Perks: A21’s revamped the perk system, and most of these changes are getting a ticket to the UL 2.7 party.
  • Teasers & More: UL 2.7’s not just an update; it’s a game-changer with a ton of overhauled mechanics. Stay tuned for more deets as we edge closer to D-Day.

A Shoutout: Your patience and support? Priceless. It’s the fuel that keeps this project roaring. Big thanks to every single one of you!

Community Corner: The chatter’s real. From “Keep up the good work” to detailed feedback on features, the community is buzzing with anticipation and insights. Dive into the convo, and let’s make UL 2.7 legendary

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