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7 Days To Die: Supported Maps

These are the maps we provide out of the box:

Map nameMap sizeCompatibilityDescriptionGroup
Eternal Damnation 10k10196War3zukEternal Damnation 10kselection
Risawoza Territory12288Undead LegacyRisawoza Territory 12k ULselection
Modino County12288War3zukModino County 12k wastelandselection
Hahubabo Valley4096A20.xRWG – 4Krandom
Lelosuje Valley4096A20.xRWG – 4Krandom
Aleja Valley4096A20.xRWG – 4Krandom
Xuadixa Territory8196A20.xRWG – 8krandom
Fevita Mountains8196A20.xRWG – 8krandom
West Xuyofu Territory8196A20.xRWG – 8krandom
KingGenMap1-16K16000A19KingGen 16Kselection
KingGenMap4-8K8196A19KingGen 8Krandom
KingGenMap3-8K8196A19KingGen 8Krandom
KingGenMap2-8K8196A19KingGen 8Krandom
KingGenMap1-8K8196A19KingGen 8Krandom
KingGenMap4-4K4092A19KingGen 4Krandom
KingGenMap3-4K4092A19KingGen 4Krandom
KingGenMap2-4K4092A19KingGen 4Krandom
KingGenMap1-4K4092A19KingGen 4Krandom
Premium 16K Monday Rocks16000A19NitroGen 16Kselection
Premium 16K Monday Land16000A19NitroGen 16Kselection
Premium 16K DF-Monday Land16000Darkness FallsNitro-DF 16Kselection
NitroGenMap5-8K8196A19NitroGenMap – 8Kselection
NitroGenMap4-8K8196A19NitroGenMap – 8Kselection
NitroGenMap3-8K8196A19NitroGenMap – 8Kselection
NitroGenMap2-8K8196A19NitroGenMap – 8Kselection
NitroGenMap1-8K8196A19NitroGenMap – 8Kselection
DF-North Kowuso Mountains4092Darkness FallsRWG – 4krandom
DF-Hazemu Mountains8196Darkness FallsRWG – 8krandom
Joyiko Mountains8196A19RWG – 8krandom
Xekula Territory8196A19RWG – 8krandom
DF-North Hoxoyi Mountains4092Darkness FallsRWG – 4krandom
East Sielo County8196A19RWG – 8krandom
North Hoxoyi Mountains4092A19RWG – 4krandom
7D2D Maps
Random 7 Days To Die Map
Random 7D2D Map

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These are the maps we provide out of the box: Map name Map size Compatibility

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Severe lag in 7 Days to Die, resulting in very low frame rates, can be