Teragon - New Random World Map Generator for 7D2D

teragon for 7d2d

This software was built by a brilliant programmer called Pille. I have been handed a dev copy to test and report on progress.

Teragon has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of city generation for "Seven Days to Die." This tool not only facilitates the creation of cities that span entire maps, but it also does so with remarkable efficiency and ease.

The process of generating cities using Teragon software involves specific steps and methods that have streamlined the otherwise complex task. As the gaming community explores the capabilities of Teragon, it is evident that the software has set new benchmarks in city generation.

By harnessing the capabilities of Teragon, expansive cities in "Seven Days to Die" are no longer just a dream but a tangible reality.

Here you'll see a variety of map types and the degree of control you have over mountain ranges, biomes, and city sizes

that were accessible at the time of filming. Check back soon for additional updates when they are available.

Please notice this is NOT a tutorial video. Soon!

Teragon 0.47.0 - What's new?

Added Features

  1. Added option for repopulating tiles to Create POI command


  1. Create POI command is about 30 faster for large POI groups

  2. Performance optimization for Update Preview command

  3. Optimization for command Filter Gaussian Height

  4. Optimization for command Filter Simple SquareMask

Bug fixes

  1. Fix for POI groups. Unknown POIs in group stop all prefabs from spawning

  2. Fixed a crash that was triggered when POIs were manually spawned close to the edge of the map

  3. Fixed bug related to POI group spawning in command create POI: Double occupations of POI markers on tiles. Entries existing in the XML of the POI group were ignored. Teragon just placed a new POI even if the corresponding marker position on the tile was already occupied.

  4. Part selection for region POIs was not properly randomized

Teragon 0.46 - What's new?

Added Features

  1. Option to make screenshot of current settings of commands

  2. Options for realistic shadow and water rendering for preview command


  1. Better integration of testing branch

  2. Updated credits

  3. Added check for invalid loop ranges

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed rotation issues for all rotations of direct child POIs (parts on wilderness POIs, parts on tiles, POIs on tiles) and for all indirect child POIs (parts on POIs which are on a tile)

Teragon 0.45 Update

Teragon has made a name for itself as one of the leading tools in the world of digital environmental design. With each update, it pushes the boundaries further, adding innovative features that cater to the demands of the user community. The Teragon 0.45 update is no exception. Let's delve into what’s new, what's been improved, and the bugs that have been squashed.

Added Features

  • Directional Environmental Biome Map Creation

This command is a game-changer for creating realistic biome transitions. Whether you're transitioning from the icy north to the tropical south or from the coastal east to the desert west, this feature ensures smooth and realistic changes.

  • Filter Median Blur

Biome maps often have harsh edges that break the immersion. With the Median Blur filter, you can smooth out these edges, making transitions much more organic.

  • Merge Biome Maps

Teragon 0.45 introduces two new commands for merging biome maps – by regions and by priorities. This makes combining different biome maps easier than ever, offering users more flexibility in their designs.

  • Filter Spread Noise

For those who prefer their biome maps with a touch of chaos, this command makes existing biome maps noisier, giving a more rugged and unpredictable feel.

  • World Generator 2 Preset by Riamus

Riamus, a well-respected name in the Teragon community, has contributed a new default preset. This preset is expected to offer another layer of sophistication to world generation.

  • Create Crevice & Cliffed Coast

These commands allow for more detailed terrains, enabling designers to introduce unique geographical features to their maps.

  • Enabled Tips Widget

Learning from the best, the new tips widget will showcase tips directly from Riamus. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, these tips are sure to be beneficial.

  • Play Sound

Audio notifications are now part of Teragon. Whether you've completed a task or encountered an error, the new sound notifications will keep you updated.


  • World Generator 1 preset has been fine-tuned for even better performance and output.

  • A safeguard has been added to prevent accidental overwriting of default presets, ensuring that users don’t lose these foundational tools.

  • The ship POI (Point Of Interest) has been revamped, offering a fresh design for users to incorporate into their maps.

Bug Fixes

  • A crucial missing check for the biome map in the "Fill Area With Biome" command has been addressed, ensuring that the command operates as expected.

  • The developers have also addressed the discord server invites. For those looking for access, some investigation will be required to find a valid link.

Unofficial Documentation for Teragon: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of digital design and content creation, the arrival of Teragon - a map generator created by Pille, has presented new opportunities. As we patiently wait for the official documentation, an unofficial guide has surfaced that helps users navigate through the robust features of this tool. This article presents an overview of this guide and touches on a range of updates and points for the benefit of the Teragon user community.

Unofficial Documentation: An Evolving Resource

The unofficial documentation for Teragon, although a work in progress, already provides comprehensive insight into many commands. Accompanied by screenshot comparisons, it helps users understand the implications of altering different parameters. The creator of the unofficial documentation consistently updates the material, making it a reliable source of information.

Availability and Updates

You can download the documentation for offline reference, and the PDF format allows clickable items in the Table of Contents for easy navigation. For Teragon versions v0.44.0 onwards, users can access a significant portion of the documentation directly within the software.

A21 Version and Teragon

One crucial update pertains to the use of Teragon in creating A21 worlds. Users must install A21 before they can use the current version of Teragon to generate A21 worlds. However, this involves a few caveats:

  • New wilderness POIs: To incorporate the new wilderness Points of Interest (POIs) in your Teragon maps, you need to manually update the POI Property List.
  • New country tiles: There may be potential issues with the placement of new country tiles within towns, as Teragon doesn't currently recognize these.
  • Updating Game Version: Users need to update their game version within Teragon for A21 to work properly.
  • Custom POIs or mods: These will not work until they are updated for A21.

Teragon v0.44.0: A Major Update

The most recent update, Teragon v0.44.0, introduces a completely new UI, allowing users to view much of the documentation directly within Teragon and providing a new Tour option that explains the interface. This update also introduces a major upgrade to the documentation, which now includes all the new features of Teragon.

However, one known issue with Teragon in A21 is that it's currently not creating traders. Users may have to manually add them or wait for the next update of Teragon.

Support and Feedback

The creator of the unofficial documentation has fostered an active community on Teragon's Discord server for users seeking support and sharing updates. The #discussions channel is highly recommended for help, questions, or any issues encountered.

As the official Teragon documentation is still under development, this unofficial guide plays an essential role in assisting users in navigating and maximizing the use of this tool. Regular updates and the creator's commitment to making this a robust resource underscore its value to the Teragon community. As we wait for the new official documentation, this unofficial guide serves as a comprehensive and evolving resource for all things Teragon.

Custom Cosmetic Blocks

Imagine smoke wafting through a scene or algae floating in water bodies. Teragon promises the integration of custom cosmetic blocks, making the gaming environment more immersive. These blocks, derived purely from XML, are just the tip of the iceberg in Teragon's vast potential.

The Power of Prefabs and XML

While many may underestimate the capabilities of prefabs and XML, they offer immense potential. From crafting an entirely new gaming environment to integrating underground systems, the possibilities are endless. As the community suggests, it might even be possible to create an underground 7DTD game using just POIs and XML mods.

Collaboration with Top Modders

Collaborating with seasoned modders can lead to some fantastic results. For instance, ZZTong's custom blocks, all XML-based, are widely acknowledged. His Custom Block Pack incorporates blocks from MPL, Stallionsden, and his own creations.

Enhancements and Experiments

From inserting cliffs on mountains to hiding secrets in the game's map, Teragon is all about experimentation. The introduction of cliffed coasts and crevice features has opened up a plethora of opportunities to hide Easter eggs and introduce hidden civilizations. The idea of incorporating dramatic entrances, like wooden staircases leading to caves, adds another layer of excitement to the game.

Community-Driven Development

Teragon thrives on community feedback and collaboration. Ideas like integrating an Indiana Jones-inspired Petra or crafting rickety wood vibes for caves are all community-driven. It's this spirit of collaboration that pushes Teragon's boundaries.

Get Started with Teragon

For those eager to dive into Teragon, here's a roadmap:

  • Experiment with XML: Start with customizing cosmetic blocks using XML. It's a great way to understand Teragon's basics.

  • Engage with the Community: Join discussions, share ideas, and get feedback. Collaboration is at Teragon's heart.

  • Work on POIs: If you have a flair for design, focus on Points of Interests. From dramatic cave entrances to hidden oases, the sky's the limit.

  • Stay Updated: Teragon is ever-evolving. Stay updated with the latest enhancements and features.

Teragon is a canvas waiting to be painted. With its vast potential and a collaborative community, it promises a unique and immersive gaming experience. Whether you're a seasoned modder or a newbie eager to experiment, Teragon welcomes you with open arms. Dive in and be part of this exciting journey!