August 9, 2023 bookmarkGames

Heya fellow survivors! So, as we all know, “7 Days to Die” has been dishing

July 30, 2023 bookmarkGames

The recent changes to The Fun Pimps’ (TFP) End User License Agreement (EULA) have sparked


“The Fun Pimps, developers of ‘7 Days to Die’, announced on Twitter that the Mischief

A21 POIs
March 27, 2023 bookmarkGames

Looking for the release date? See: https://7d2d.net/A21 Take a look at one of the brand

the fun pimps tfp
March 5, 2023 bookmarkGames

The Fun Pimps is a game development studio that was founded in 2013 by Joel

March 4, 2023 bookmark7 Days to Die servers Hosting

7 Days to Die is a popular open-world survival horror game that has been enjoyed

7 Days To Die A21 update
December 4, 2022 bookmark7 Days to Die servers Hosting

If you’re a 7 Days to Die fan then the entire fiber of your being

7 Days To Die Alpha 20.6
November 18, 2022 bookmark7 Days to Die servers Hosting

7 Days to Die’s latest update, Alpha 20.6, has been out in the wild since mid-August 2022. While the game has progressively gotten better thanks to fixes and the addition of new stuff, we’ve occasionally had to make do with smaller upgrades.

A20.6 isn’t the staggering upgrade that’ll change our 7D2D lives. However, what it brings does take the game to a higher level of maturity as we await the arrival of A21.

Darkness Falls 7DTD
October 16, 2022 bookmarkMods

04.10.2022 Darkness Falls V4.1.1-DEV-B2 is available for anyone who wants to poke at it!  Notes