TFP vs Mischief Maker

“The Fun Pimps, developers of ‘7 Days to Die’, announced on Twitter that the Mischief Maker Twitch Extension has been monetized in a way that violates their EULA and thus constitutes copyright infringement. They informed the community that the Mischief Maker received a legal notice concerning the copyright infringement and EULA non-compliance several days before the actions were taken to shut down streams using the extension. They warned that anyone using the illegal Mischief Maker Extension risks a DMCA takedown.

Despite this, The Fun Pimps affirmed their support for mods that do not illegally monetize the game and pledged to continue allowing streaming or video creation on any platform that does not violate their EULA.

The announcement sparked a widespread response within the community. Some community members expressed their disappointment and concern, arguing that the studio’s actions were unfair, particularly given that the DMCA strike was issued against a creator before the announcement was made public.

Others questioned the specifics of the infringement, asking whether this ruling applied to other extensions or mods, and seeking clarity on what constituted legal versus illegal monetization. In response to these queries, The Fun Pimps clarified that the issue specifically concerned the Mischief Maker Extension and that donations were considered acceptable.

Many members of the community also voiced their disapproval of the situation, expressing the belief that the Mischief Maker Extension had positively contributed to the game’s popularity and that the actions taken by The Fun Pimps might negatively impact the game’s streaming community.

However, there were also community members who expressed their support for The Fun Pimps’ stance, thanking the team for their swift communication and for setting clear boundaries to protect their intellectual property rights.”

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