We are a server hosting and rental company focused on 7 Days to Die. Established in 2020, we have served more than 5000 customers with our dedicated servers. 7D2D.net is a brand of Supecraft.

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Some of the opinions left when leaving

  • Friends and I stopped playing , we'll probably come back to it sometime in the future
  • Not playing this game anymore right now. Thanks for the great support though, highly appreciated.
  • Good service, just don't play it anymore. I'll go with this next time we get back into the game.
  • No reason, I like the service but just haven’t played much recently. If I need a server again I’ll be coming back!
  • not playing anymore. Thanks I will probably be back! Would be helpful to have a bit more RAM ideally 8GB.
  • No longer playing the game. Has nothing to do with your server.
  • Not playing game that often. Service was great though.
  • Should be back at a later time
  • Not playing as much might resub soon
  • No players right now. Will renew after the latest update drops.
  • just not using it if i pick up the game again i will most likely get another server
  • Well, I am not playing anymore. I had a lot of fun with my friends. Maybe in the future If I am in the mood of playing again, for sure I'll get a host from you guys. Verry nice services. GG :D
  • May come back, need money for bills at this time
  • Not using it right now, will probably resubcribe later
  • unfortunately, all friends have lost interest. if we get back into the game, i will be back!
  • Server was fine. Just over 7d2d
  • No longer playing, game got boring. i plan on coming back in the future to play the fully modded playthroughs (raven, war3zuk, darkness) so please keep adding this kind of content
  • We had a blast but aren't really playing anymore.
  • Can no longer afford
  • Did as much as we wanted on 7DTD for now. Great service and will return for A20!
  • Great service! I was very happy with this host. My whole family and friends are going to be playing New World. So, unfortunately we won't be playing. I will definitely be using this service the next time we play. And I will always recommend this. I have used multiple sites and this one blew them all away
  • Your service and server hosting and the control panal all looks amazing and operate as fine as it should be ,i am canceling the subscription just because we are not gonna play the game for a while , also one more thing if you guys can add more modpacks it would be amazing , something like zombiedayz or undead legacy mod pack , that's all. Thanks for the great server and the perfect service.
  • We lost interest in the game. Servers were fantastic.
  • N/A - no longer play 7D2D. Would recommend service to anyone interested.
  • community went inactive, if they show interest again i will return <3
  • stopped playing for now. might be back!
  • it a really good host for the price but we just stop to play 7d2d
  • out of cash. dun dun duuuuun.... lol but yeah when the alpha 20 comes online I'll be back... maybe... dun dun duuuuuuun...
  • The service was great but decided to cancel the server for the time being.

7 Days To Die Best Server Rental Host Review

7 Days To Die Server Hosting Rental Review

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